Vietnamese people have purchased nearly 2.2 million new popular motorbikes in 2022

The end of the year is a time to look back on a turbulent year in the Vietnamese motorbike market with new developments. 2022 is about to end, let’s review the highlights of the past year with CafeAuto.

Similar to cars, the Vietnamese motorbike market in 2022 has had many changes and fluctuations. Specifically, supply chain disruptions as well as difficulties in input materials caused production activities of many motorbike manufacturers in particular to be interrupted and output to decline. This has directly affected the supply and especially the selling price of many car models on the market.

However, the presence of new models still contributes to helping the motorbike market regain sales growth momentum in 2022. On the other hand, the presence of new models, especially electric motorbikes, The booming trend of 160 cc scooters has contributed to helping the motorbike market regain sales growth momentum from mid-2022 to present.

According to the Vietnam Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (VAMM), Vietnamese consumers bought a total of about 2.2 million imported motorbikes, nearly equal to the amount of motorbikes consumed in the whole year of 2021 (reaching 2.492 million motorbikes). ). This number does not include the number of imported motorbike brands sold on the market. Thus, on average every day that passes, Vietnamese people have purchased more than 8,000 new motorbikes.

Motorcycle prices have increased rapidly due to supply chain disruptions and shortages

Fluctuations in the economic situation, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and political conflicts in the world have caused the global supply chain to be disrupted, and the production of motorbikes of many manufacturers has decreased when there is not enough Semiconductor chips and components for production and assembly.

This has also greatly affected the motorbike market in Vietnam. Since then, Yamaha, Honda, Piaggio,… have encountered difficulties in input materials, leading to the consequence of insufficient supply and demand.

More specifically, from April to July 2022, many lines of digital motorbikes and scooters from Yamaha and Honda are not available for sale. The selling price of many motorbike models, especially Honda models, at dealerships has increased rapidly, differing by tens of millions of dong compared to the company’s proposed price.

Supply is not enough to meet demand, Honda Vietnam once announced that the company is facing a decline in the average production output of some domestically produced scooter models.

A series of the company’s products such as the Honda Wave Alpha digital motorbike line to scooter lines such as Honda SH, Air Blade and especially Honda Vision… are in a situation where there are not enough vehicles to supply to dealers. In particular, there was a time when the Vision car cost nearly tens of millions of VND, the rolling price of this car model was pushed to nearly 60 million VND.

Motorcycles originating from Thailand and Indonesia are massively landing in the Vietnamese market

In the context of a lack of supply in the domestic motorbike market, in addition, some private car importers have brought many motorbike models from Thailand and Indonesia to Vietnam.

From the segment of popular digital motorbikes, scooters, manual transmission vehicles to large displacement motorbikes, all witnessed the presence of new models “Made in Thailand” or “Made in Indonesia”.

Specifically in the digital motorbike segment, “Made in Thailand” models such as GPX POPZ 110, Honda Wave 110i, Honda Wave 125i or Honda CT125 ABS with selling prices of nearly hundreds of millions of dong were brought to Vietnam one after another.

Motorcycles manufactured in Indonesia with a series of models such as Honda Vario 160, Vario 125, Honda PCX 160… are also brought to Vietnam in large quantities.

Many electric motorbike models have been launched, some can travel more than 200km on a single charge

Along with motorbikes using internal combustion engines, in 2022 the electric motorbike segment in Vietnam will also continuously develop. Among them, Vietnamese car brands such as VinFast have taken advantage of the opportunity to launch new electric motorbike models such as Vento, Evo200…

In addition, the second Vietnamese electric motorbike company after VinFast, Dat Bike, also launched the Weaver++ model, which is a new upgraded version of the previous Weaver 200. In addition, many electric motorbike models from abroad such as Yadea also arrived. And recently, Yamaha has also cherished bringing back a compact electric vehicle model, the Neos.

The 160cc scooter segment is starting to explode

Despite difficulties in production, in 2022 motorbike manufacturers in Vietnam will still strive to launch many new models to the market. In particular, Honda Vietnam has just launched a series of new products such as Honda SH 160i, Honda Air Blade 160, Honda Vario 160 assembled in Vietnam.

In addition, Yamaha also renewed its series of small-sized motorbikes, Grande, FreeGo, Janus and Jupiter Finn… “Rookie” Aprilia, in addition to large displacement motorbikes, also entered the motorbike segment. off-road scooter when launching the Aprilia SR GT 200 model.

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