Vietnam has just added a scooter model with the same utility and price as the Honda Vision

Yamaha Gear 125 was announced by Yamaha Indonesia not long ago. Now returning to Vietnam with a sturdy design and accompanying equipment, it promises to be the most prominent scooter model in the near future in the Vietnamese market.

Yamaha Gear 125 has two versions: Standard and S. The only difference in these two variants is probably the technology to temporarily turn off the engine when stopping for more than 5 seconds (Start Stop System – SSS). The one mentioned in the article belongs to the Standard model.

Gear 125 has a sturdy exterior with a new look that has never appeared on other scooter models in general and Yamaha in particular, with a straight back driving position that will be extremely comfortable on long trips.

SSS (Start Stop System) technology allows Yamaha Gear 125 to temporarily turn off the engine when stopped for more than 5 seconds. When needing to move again, the operator just needs to turn the throttle and the car will continue to move. Thanks to that, the car will save fuel and limit unnecessary heat generation.

Gear 125 is integrated with the Answer Back system to help locate and search for vehicles in parking lots more easily. This is an indispensable feature for modern car models.

Yamaha Gear 125 has a ground clearance of 135 mm with a sports floor that can be fitted with extended footrests. The footrest is an included accessory, but users can easily replace it with other more fashionable footrests.

The design of the Gear 125 easily retracts and expands to increase the legroom, thereby expanding the car’s floor area and carrying things more conveniently. The car’s floor is extended and raised backwards so that children and people sitting in the back can easily rest their legs to prevent fatigue.

Besides, the Yamaha Gear 125 scooter has a novel design with a trunk with locking lid that protects personal belongings well. Furthermore, the smart charging port allows the operator to easily charge mobile devices while moving. A smart compartment that holds both a phone and a charger is extremely reasonable.

The double hook system in front of the saddle and fairing on the Gear 125 allows you to easily hook up bags and bags without getting in the way. Foldable double hooks help secure large goods better and more stably.

The Yamaha Gear 125 has quite eye-catching and aggressive lights that create an unmistakable impression of the vehicle, with integrated headlights, cos and hazards reducing the cross-section quite a bit. LED bulbs reduce energy consumption and last longer.

Gear 125 uses tubeless tires with sizes 80/80-14 inches, rear tires 100/70-14 inches for comfortable and stable driving when operating long distances. In addition, this small scooter model will also be equipped with disc brakes for the front wheels and traditional mechanical brakes for the rear.

The Yamaha Gear 125’s kickstand is a safety rack and the vehicle will not be able to start without the kickstand. Helps protect children when sitting in the car. When you want to turn off the car, you just need to kick the car and it will automatically turn off the engine.

Gear 125 is equipped with a new generation BlueCore engine with Yamaha’s SMG (Smart Motor Generator) technology. The car starts smoothly even in winter days, the journey consumes less fuel and is more environmentally friendly.

Specifically, the engine block of the Yamaha Gear 125 is a SOHC type, single cylinder, with a diameter and piston stroke of 52.4 x 57.9 mm, and a compression ratio of 9.5:1. According to the company’s announcement, the car model can reach a maximum capacity of 7 kW (equivalent to 9.5 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and 9.5 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm.

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