Upgraded vehicle lights and other non-original items are still inspected upon registration

In order to reassure users, the Vietnam Register requested registration centers to continue to open and listed 6 cases that were not original but were still allowed to be inspected.

After the uproar at the registration centers, there were inadequacies in the inspection of customized vehicles and accessories, the Registry Department has drawn up a list of items of defects and damages that are not important and do not affect the vehicle’s quality. technical safety and environmental protection to require units to issue registration certificates.

In addition, on December 28, the Vietnam Register issued a document requesting motor vehicle registration units to absolutely not arbitrarily close or stop serving. The Department will inspect and strictly handle violations. Also in this document are listed 6 cases of non-serious defects that are still allowed to be registered.

Lighting error


This is a situation that almost all cars today have. The reason is that the original lights are too dark, so they often choose to upgrade to other types of lights with better performance, but they fail. refused inspection because it was not the same as the original. To avoid this inadequacy, the Vietnam Register has just allowed replacement of lights to ensure the same shape, size, type of bulb (incandescent, halogen, LED, bixenon) and does not change the system structure. vehicle’s electricity.

Error of installing additional objects that limit the driver’s vision / error of wrong paint color

Nowadays, users often install additional accessories such as insulating glass and dash cams to facilitate operation. But some registration centers with mechanical parts refused inspection. However, the Registry Department has just issued a notice to avoid these shortcomings


Normally on the vehicle registration there will be information about the vehicle’s paint color, but for personal reasons or communication purposes, vehicle owners often use decals to stick on or change the paint color to refresh the vehicle, which also falls into the category of vehicle registration. In case of refusal of inspection in the past time. However, the Registry Department believes that this error is not serious and is still allowed to register.

Incorrect tire pressure error


Accordingly, vehicles are allowed to install tires with technical specifications provided by the manufacturer, without checking and evaluating the rim shape of the wheel rim. The registration center is responsible for adding technical specifications of the tires to be replaced according to the manufacturer’s information on the registration certificate.

Faulty body, cockpit,…

Accordingly, vehicles with body shells, cockpits, and cargo boxes leak air from the engine and exhaust into the vehicle compartment and cockpit, including cases where the vehicle’s paint is scratched without affecting identification. The replacement grille and steering wheel have the same shape, size, and material as the old one, and do not change the vehicle’s structure and still be registered.


Similar to old trucks, the Vietnam Register allows replacing the corrugated iron covering the cargo box with new types of corrugated iron without changing the size, weight, or structure of the cargo box. In the case of a roof-framed, tarpaulin-covered truck with additional corrugated iron on the side of the cargo box to serve as sun and rain protection that is not in accordance with the manufacturer’s design, the registration center instructs customers to comply with Article 6 of Circular 07/VBHN. of the Ministry of Transport and must ensure that the installation does not affect the size, mass and structure of the vehicle.

Finally, bugs/rust/holes in the steps, including additional steps that do not change the width and ground clearance of the car, will still be registered instead of being rejected like in the past.


In addition, the Registry Department recommends that motor vehicle registration units publicly post these non-serious defects in the form of notice boards in a prominent, easy-to-read position at the waiting area. inspection procedure.

In recent weeks, many drivers have been frustrated by the difficult situation at the registration center, requiring vehicle owners to return the vehicle to its original state before granting a registration permit. This method is considered mechanical, creating many inadequacies, making it difficult for car owners who want to upgrade their vehicles to bring more comfort as well as greater safety than the original, especially vehicles. Older cars only have equipment that is considered outdated at the present time.

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