Top 160cc scooters joining the Vietnamese playground in 2022

In 2022, the Vietnamese motorbike market will witness a massive influx of 160cc scooter models, most of which are Honda-branded vehicles assembled domestically as well as imported complete units from foreign.

Up to now, the 160 cc scooter segment has the presence of 5 models, but all of them come from Honda, some of which are brought in by private stores.

Honda Air Blade 160

In terms of appearance design, the Air Blade is still no different from the Air Blade 150. The wind fairing is accentuated with kinked ribs, and the air filter is also smoothed to make it more angular.

The smart locking system of the Honda Air Blade 160 is also one of the improvements compared to the Air Blade 150 when users unlock the car without having to press the start button before turning the lock knob like before.

The engine of the Air Blade 160 has been improved compared to the Air Blade 150 when using a 156.9cc eSP+ engine, producing 15.2 horsepower at 8,000 rpm, maximum torque. Maximum torque 14.6 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Compared to Air Blade 150, Air Blade 160 has 2.2 horsepower better, maximum torque is also 1.1 Nm better.

Air Blade 160 is assembled and distributed by Honda Vietnam with a suggested price of 55.99 – 57.19 million VND and is expected to continue the success of its predecessors in one of the scooter lines. The most popular attraction in Vietnam.

Honda PCX 160 e:HEV

Information about the Honda PCX 160 e:HEV version 2022 has appeared on the data of the Vietnam Register. This car model has not been distributed by Honda Vietnam but through a non-genuine car dealership.

Compared to the Honda PCX 160 that arrived in Vietnam at the end of April 2021, the new Honda PCX e:HEV does not have many differences in design style and size. This car model is designed in a new style, with a blue stamp set, and a leather-covered saddle also in blue color. In addition, both sides of the front of the car also have the words e:HEV to distinguish it from other versions.

The storage compartment under the seat has a capacity of only 24 liters, down 6 liters compared to the Honda PCX 160. PCX e:HEV 2022 also has a front compartment with a new USB Type-C charging port and smartkey smart lock system. .

This hybrid scooter model uses the same 125 cc engine as the standard PCX for 12.5 horsepower, 12 Nm of torque, combined with a 0.36 kW electric motor with 1.9 horsepower and torque 4.3 Nm. The electric motor comes with a Lithium-ion battery. The vehicle is also equipped with ABS anti-lock braking system and traction control system – HSTC (Honda Selectable Traction Control).

Made in Indonesia, Honda PCX 160 e:HEV enters the Vietnamese market and only has ABS version. Currently, it is not yet officially distributed by Honda Vietnam but through non-genuine dealers specializing in trading imported cars with prices ranging from 87 – 95 million VND.

Honda Vario 160

After many teases, on December 22, 2022, Honda Vietnam officially introduced and officially distributed the Vario 160 youth scooter model. In fact, this model has appeared on the market for quite a long time. However, users can only buy at stores and private businesses.

Honda Vario 160 is distributed in 4 versions including Premium, Type with CBS brake configuration and Special, Sport with ABS brake configuration. Regarding operation, the vehicle is equipped with a 160 cc 4-valve eSP+ engine that produces 15.4 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and 13.8 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm.

Honda Vario 160 changed design, installed a new frame and engine system… entered the Vietnamese market in early 2022 through a number of non-genuine motorcycle dealers in Vietnam. When it was first opened for sale, dealers “screamed” the price of Vario 160 up to 80 million VND. However, at the present time, the selling price of this car model is only 51 – 57 million VND.

Compared to the previous Vario 150, the Honda Vario 160 in Vietnam has adjusted its design, equipped with more convenient features and applied a new frame and engine. This 160 cc version is equipped with disc brakes combined with ABS anti-lock braking system on both wheels.

Honda ADV 160

Honda ADV is inherently no stranger to the Vietnamese market as it has imported the ADV 150 model before and motorbike models are often imported from Thailand and Indonesia quite a lot from private dealers, if domestic car manufacturers do not official distribution.

The first all-new Honda ADV 160s arriving in Vietnam are ABS versions, imported complete units from Indonesia through an agent specializing in trading imported motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh City. The first batch of cars only has the ABS version (priced from 93 million VND), while the CBS version is also on the way and will definitely be cheaper.

Honda ADV 160 is the company’s 5th scooter model with a new generation eSP+ 160 cc engine after Honda PCX 160, Vario 160 (in Indonesia), Honda Click 160 (in Thailand) and Honda Air Blade 160 as well has just been introduced and officially distributed in the Vietnamese market.

Regarding the engine, the Honda ADV 160 is equipped with a 160cc liquid-cooled, eSP+, PGM-FI type for a capacity of 16 horsepower and a torque of 14.7Nm. Fuel consumption as announced by Honda is 45 km/liter with the ISS feature included. A full tank of fuel allows the car to operate about 364 km.

In addition, the Honda ADV 160 also has other notable equipment including: Honda smart key and alarm system, USB charging in the control box, anti-lock braking system, ACG starting support with system. Start/Stop system.

Honda SH160i

Honda Vietnam officially changed the name of the SH150i version to SH160i and marked the new name in accordance with the inherent engine capacity. In addition to the name change, SH160i also has a difference in color scheme and stamp set pattern.

The two Special and Sport versions are changed the most with a red/black decal strip on the front fairing, red rear shock absorbers instead of black like the two lower versions. Meanwhile, SH125i is supplemented with sports versions and special editions.

At the same time, the Honda SH160i is equipped with many utilities such as Bluetooth technology connecting to the phone to help customers read all vehicle information such as operating status, repair and maintenance information, etc. Warranty, history and fuel consumption,…

The two-channel ABS anti-lock braking system is equipped on the Premium, Special and Sports versions of both the new SH160i and SH125i, operating on both front and rear wheels. The storage compartment capacity is up to 28 liters, multi-functional when integrated with a convenient USB socket and the fuel tank cap is kept at the front.

Although the name change makes many people mistakenly think that the Honda SH160i will now have a new upgraded engine block, it actually still maintains the new generation eSP+ 4-valve engine with a capacity of 156.9cc for a capacity of 16.6 horsepower and 14.8 Nm.

Besides, in addition to slight changes in the exterior, the SH160i version has a new higher selling price with a suggested price of 91.79 million VND for the Standard version, 99.79 million VND for the Premium version, and the Special version has Price 100.99 and 101.49 million VND for the Sports version. The price is an average of 1.5 million VND higher than the previous generation 150.

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