The Mercedes-Benz series of cars is about to increase in price, highest at nearly 380 million VND

Due to inflation and fluctuations in production costs, some Mercedes-Benz car models have their selling prices adjusted to increase from 50 – 380 million VND.

According to the manufacturer, the selling price adjustment is due to the influence of inflation and fluctuations in production costs. For buyers who have not yet picked up the car, the old listed price will still apply when completing procedures and receiving the car until December 31.

Car model

Old price

New price


GLC 200

1,859 billion VND

1,909 billion VND

50 million VND

GLC 200 4Matic

2,129 billion VND

2,189 billion VND

60 million VND

GLC 300 4Matic

2,569 billion VND

2,639 billion VND

70 million VND

E 180

2,099 billion VND

2,159 billion VND

60 million VND

E 200 Exclusive

2,470 billion VND

2,540 billion VND

70 million VND

E 300 AMG

3,129 billion VND

3,209 billion VND

80 million VND

GLE 450 4Matic

4,469 billion VND

4,619 billion VND

150 million VND

GLE 450 4Matic Coupe

4,759 billion VND

4,919 billion VND

160 million VND

GLS 450 4Matic

5,139 billion VND

5,309 billion VND

170 million VND

S 450 4Matic

4,879 billion VND

5,039 billion VND

160 million VND

S 450 4Matic Luxury

5,379 billion VND

5,559 billion VND

180 million VND

AMG GLE 53 4Matic Coupe

5,499 billion VND

5,679 billion VND

180 million VND

Maybach GLS 480 4Matic

8,399 billion VND

8,679 billion VND

280 million VND

Maybach GLS 600 4Matic

11,619 billion VND

11,999 billion VND

380 million VND

Among the car models that increased in price, the best-selling SUV GLC increased by 50 – 70 million VND, the E-Class increased in price by 60 – 80 million VND and the super luxury car model GLS Maybach increased the highest by 280 – 380 depending on the version. Some other lines increased from 150 to 180 million VND.


However, two luxury car lines with good sales, the C-Class and S-Class Maybach, still maintain their selling prices, along with a number of other cars that are not for the masses but favor high performance such as the AMG A 35 4M and GLB. 200, AMG GLB 35, AMG GLA 45 S 4M+,…. there is no price adjustment.

This is not the first time Mercedes-Benz Vietnam has increased prices, but previously 12 car models carrying this brand also had a small increase from 17 to 170 million VND. It can be seen that the announcement of new prices effective next year can be a lever to stimulate year-end shopping demand, especially new car purchases before Tet often tend to increase sharply at the end of the year.

According to some information from vehicle groups, there are currently rumors about Mercedes-Benz C-Class and E-Class competitors, BMW 3-Series and 5-Series, which will be assembled domestically at low prices. significantly better than imported cars. If rumors are true, next year there will be quite fierce competition between these two car companies.

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