The inspection process was tightened, nearly 430,000 vehicles failed their first registration

According to statistics from the Motor Vehicle Inspection Department, Vietnam Register, by the end of November 2022, there were 429,691 vehicles that failed to pass registration for the first time.

Of the total of more than 4.3 million vehicle inspections nationwide from the beginning of 2022 to the end of November of the same year, there were nearly 430,000 “failed” inspections for the first time. Most of these vehicles do not meet registration standards and must be maintained, adjusted, and repaired for re-inspection.

Currently, on car forums, users are hotly discussing the very tense registration situation, with many cars being rejected because they do not meet registration standards and asking to fix the status quo.

Previously, information continuously appeared in the media about a few registration centers having negative actions, allowing violations to occur in inspection work. The Vietnam Register has just decided to suspend all motor vehicle inspection activities of 2 registration centers in the city. Ho Chi Minh is 50-17D (Nha Be district) and 50-10D (Cu Chi district).

Previously, 2 registration centers 50-15D in City. Thu Duc and 50-07V in Binh Tan District, City. Ho Chi Minh, was also suspended for 3 months. The suspension of the above centers and the increase in the number of vehicles going for inspection has led to vehicle congestion. Errors that are often refused registration include:

Haven’t paid the fine yet

Drivers who have not paid fines for previous violations will be refused registration. Accordingly, drivers must complete the payment of the fine before returning to the center to complete registration procedures.

Install front and rear bumpers and roof racks

The car owner installed additional front bumpers, rear bumpers, and roof racks that exceeded the standard ratio (LxWxH: 4x3x4 cm). The registration agency will refuse registration due to changing the manufacturer’s vehicle structure.

Apply decals to the entire vehicle

Putting decals on cars or changing the car’s paint color will also result in refusal of registration. In addition, vehicle owners should also note that when applying advertising decals, the advertising product must not exceed 50% of the area of ​​each side of the vehicle allowed for advertising (Clause 2, Article 32 of the Law on Advertising).

Install additional seats for VAN vehicles

Vehicle owners who install additional rear seats for Van cars will be refused registration. This error will also be fined similarly to the error “Installing additional front bumpers, rear bumpers, roof racks” at 6,000,000 – 8,000,000 VND for individuals, from 12,000,000 – 16,000,000 VND for organizations.

Change vehicle structure, vehicle lighting system

It’s not just trucks that increase or expand their truck bodies that are refused registration. Other car models such as SUVs, pickup trucks, etc., if details such as wheels, adding or “tuning” lights, etc. are changed, will not be registered.

Failure to comply with requirements for installing journey monitoring equipment (if any)

According to Decree 91/2009, there are 5 types of cars that must have dash cams installed, including: Vehicles transporting passengers on fixed routes, buses, vehicles carrying out passenger transport business under contract, and vehicles carrying out tourist transport business. schedules, business vehicles transporting goods by container. Accordingly, if these types of vehicles do not have a vehicle surveillance camera installed, they will be refused registration.

Many car owners “complain” because they waited in long lines all day for their turn to register

In recent days, many car owners have updated their status in groups on social networks that their cars have failed registration many times, some cars have failed registration for the third time because registration regulations suddenly become stricter, causing many cars to fail. The car owner couldn’t keep up.

There are also many car owners who have thought about calling the “registration broker” to get it done quickly, but they were all refused because almost all centers in the city are tightening the size and overloading very tightly.

In addition, there are many registration centers in the city that do not accept new vehicles because of overcrowding. Many centers have been stuck since 6 a.m. and some have refused applications at 9 a.m. because the line of vehicles extended to the street. big.

The reason is said to be partly due to the sudden increase in the number of vehicles, partly because of the raid on registration centers by the city police in the city. In Ho Chi Minh City, several centers have suspended operations, causing traffic to flow to the remaining centers.

Another reason is because registration specialists check vehicles more carefully, so when checking a vehicle, it will take twice as long as before, causing the vehicle to be registered to leave the station less often and the tow vehicle to wait for its turn to wait for its turn. more.

9 vehicle registration centers in the southern provinces have just been “exposed”

In recent times, a series of registration centers and surveyors, especially at socialized registration centers, have continuously been “stuck” with violations, even falling into prison just for illicit economic benefits.

On December 20, City Police. Ho Chi Minh officially informed about violations at 9 registration centers in the southern provinces and prosecuted dozens of suspects, further showing the chaos and existence of many “hidden corners” of many registration centers and individuals. Managers and staff working at these registration centers…

Worth mentioning, a series of violations of “Bribery brokering”, “Bribe giving”, “Bribery accepting”, “Forgery in work” of individuals in the STC were uncovered and largely exposed. source from the action of checking and handling groups of behaviors with high risk of causing traffic accidents (alcohol violations, overloading goods…).

According to Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Dinh Duong, Head of the Road and Railway Traffic Police Department of the City Police. In Ho Chi Minh City, during the process of patrolling and controlling traffic, the City Police discovered many road vehicles that did not ensure technical safety (trucks, dump trucks with extended sides, boxes, and wheels of incorrect sizes). size, worn tires, blurred license plates, not meeting emission standards…) but still granted a certificate of technical safety and environmental protection for motor vehicles.

Talking about the methods and tactics of violating the law that occur at these registration centers, they blatantly use employees without registration certificates and wearing registration clothes to carry out the steps of motor vehicle registration.

To deal with the authorities, these registration centers have arranged staff dressed as registrars to walk around cameras monitored by the Vietnam Register. Therefore, when recording images, there are always 3 surveyors. The subjects also forged the signature of the registrar to issue certificates of technical safety and environmental protection for road motor vehicles.

In particular, for vehicles that do not qualify for smoke and emissions registration, the subjects use the trick of using white paper to cover one eye of the device to help the vehicle meet standards. Regarding the brake technical safety inspection that does not meet standards, the person playing the role of the inspector will step on it many times to validate that it has been achieved and print out the inspection paper.

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