The imprints of the auto market in 2022, most favor electric cars

2022 is a year that marks many events in the auto market with a series of policies to stimulate shopping demand after disruptions for many reasons.

In 2022, after the epidemic is controlled, supply limitations are still there and are gradually being overcome. Besides, there have been many policies to support buyers as well as stimulate market demand. Among them, there are many outstanding policies for electric vehicles to change consumer habits.

Car sales accelerated when the government supported 50% of registration fees

To stimulate demand for the automobile market, from December 2021 to the end of May 2022, Decree No. 103/ND-CP stipulating the fee collection rate before customers (LPTB) for domestically produced and assembled cars will officially be available. effect. Accordingly, people who register domestically produced and assembled cars will receive a 50% reduction in registration fees.


All assembled vehicles will receive a 50% discount on registration fees, helping to reduce on-the-road prices. Thanks to that, car consumption in the Vietnamese market in the first half of 2022 also increased significantly. According to Vama, there were 176,681 cars sold by the end of May 2022, an increase of nearly 40% over the same period last year. The above numbers still do not include the two brands VinFast and Hyundai.

100% exemption of registration fees for electric vehicles

Registration fee support is considered the policy that users are most interested in since the epidemic was controlled. Among them, the fact that electric cars in Vietnam will be completely exempt from registration fees has helped a large number of users switch to this futuristic vehicle.


According to Decree 10/2022/ND-CP of the Government regulating new registration fees for battery electric cars. Specifically, the first registration fee rate of 0% for battery electric cars applies from March 1, 2022 and lasts for 3 years. The Decree also states that, in the next 2 years, the registration fee for electric cars will be 50% of the rate for gasoline and diesel cars with the same number of seats.

Thus, with Decree 10/2022/ND-CP just issued and effective from March 1, 2022, electric cars are the biggest beneficiaries of the policy. This will be a popular means of transportation in the future to protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Vietnam’s electric vehicle brand goes international for the first time

VinFast held a ceremony to export a batch of 999 VF 8 electric cars to the international market on November 25, 2022. The event marked a special step forward for the Vietnamese car industry when, for the first time, technological automobile products owned and produced by Vietnam officially entered the world, with the US being the leading market. The first place is a place with many strict standards.


The first batch of VinFast VF 8 cars exported is 999 units for the US market and will be delivered to the first customers at the end of December 2022. This is the first batch of cars exported to the international market among 65,000 orders for VinFast VF 8 and VF 9 electric cars globally.

Immediately after the US market, VinFast will export the next batch of VF 8 cars to the Canadian and European markets to hand over to customers in 2023. In Vietnam, VinFast is planning to hand over VF cars. 9 will reach users in the first quarter of 2023.

Cheap practical cars reign supreme

Usually in the low-cost car segment from 500 to 700 million VND, sedans are often chosen, however at the present time user trends have changed their tastes by preferring cars with higher practical value. .

Since Mitsubishi strong enough to surpass the king of the Xpander segment.

Recently, there have been two other names from Korea, Kia Carens and Hyundai Stargazer, helping users have more new options. It is expected that next year this segment will have many big fluctuations when the supply of car manufacturers has been resolved.

Many newly launched car models have topped the segment

In 2022, there will be about 50 cars launched on the market in all segments. Among them, there are many car models that change the market landscape. The most prominent is the Ford Everest with prices ranging from 1,099 to 1,452 billion VND, having the highest share in the segment but surpassing many other competitors to top the market share for 2 consecutive months.

Next, the Ford Territory also demonstrated its strength when it surpassed many veteran competitors such as Mazda CX-5, Honda HR-V, Hyundai Tucson to win the top position in the segment right from the first month of launch. The end of the year is considered a time of sublimation for Ford Vietnam when there are 3 out of 5 cars at the top of the segment.

In addition, Toyota Veloz Cross also shows its appeal by continuously following Mitsubishi Xpander, Hyundai Creta surpasses Kia Seltos, Toyota Corolla Cross to take the lead, etc. However, in 2022 there are also a series of names that no longer appear on the market. Vietnamese market such as Ford Eco Sport, Toyota Hilux and VinFast gasoline car lines.

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