Take a look at the fleet of scooters of 300 cc or more with many good equipment in Vietnam

Piaggio Beverly 400 S HPE, Piaggio MP3, Yamaha

BMW C400X and C400GT – Price from 289 and 319 million VND respectively

The large scooter models BMW C400X and C400GT stand out with their rugged lines. Styled like a cruiser, it promises to bring users comfort on every road. Accordingly, the overall dimensions of the C400X are 2,210 x 835 mm long x 835 mm wide x 1,305 mm high, weighing 405 kg and that of the C400GT is 2,210 x 835 x 1,437 mm, weighing 415 kg, both with a fuel tank capacity of 12.8 kg. liter.

Regarding safety features, both maxi-scooter models are equipped with safety equipment such as front and rear ABS brakes, ASC automatic balance, smart key, front and rear light system using LED technology. In addition, it is also equipped with a Connectivity smart connection system that allows connecting a phone and a bluetooth headset at the same time displayed on a 6.5-inch TFT screen controlled via the Multi-Controller integrated dial.

The BMW C400X and C400GT share the same 4-stroke, 1-cylinder engine configuration with a capacity of 350cc, liquid-cooled, producing up to 34 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and torque of 35 Nm at 6,000 rpm. rpm, through the CVT gearbox has a maximum speed of 139 km/h and takes 9.5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h.

Honda SH350i – Price from 149 million VND

As one of the scooters familiar to Vietnamese users, Honda has many versions with different engine capacities. Among them, the SH350i model is the choice for those who love large displacement vehicles.

The highlight of the Honda SH350i is the four-valve eSP+ engine with torque control system (HSTC) and temporary stop system, making the car the most economical model in the segment with 30 km/liter. . Producing maximum power of 29.2 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and torque of 32 Nm at 5,250 rpm. CVT automatic transmission, 9.1 liter fuel tank capacity and weight 174 kg.

In terms of equipment, the Honda SH350i has a Full-LED lighting system with headlights and turn signals both using LED lights, a new LCD dashboard and a new tubular frame. In addition, the Honda SH350i also has a smart key, USB-C socket under the seat, emergency stop signal (ESS), 2-channel ABS brakes, 16-inch lightweight aluminum alloy wheels, and standard sized tires. Measure 110/70 in front and 130/70 in back.

Yamaha XMAX 300 – Price from 129 million VND

The new Yamaha XMAX 300 will have a sharper, stronger and more modern design. The relatively large wheels and ABS braking system create a sturdy look. The compact appearance, sharp design and improved legs give the XMAX 300 an aggressive, thorny style.

First to mention is the Y-Connect system previously equipped by Yamaha for scooter models such as NMAX and Aerox. Comes with a revised suspension system, electronically controlled windshield and traction control system in addition to the ABS brakes mentioned above.

XMAX 300 is still equipped with a BlueCore engine, Yamaha has changed a few parameters to achieve higher engine performance. Specifically, the 1-cylinder, 4-valve engine has a capacity of 292cc, producing maximum torque of 29 Nm at 5,750 rpm. This engine block has been fine-tuned by Yamaha to ensure Euro 5 emissions requirements and greatly increase operating capabilities.

Yamaha TMAX 560 – Price from 409 million VND

In addition to the sale of the XMAX 300, Yamaha Vietnam also distributes the “heavy duty” scooter model TMAX 560. The scooter segment over 500cc in Vietnam once had the appearance of the KYMCO AK 550, but it is now discontinued. distribution.

Since its first introduction 20 years ago, the Yamaha TMAX 560 has always brought success by becoming one of the best-selling sports scooters in the world. Yamaha TMAX 560 is a scooter model aimed at high performance. The car has a relatively large design with a length of 2,195 mm, width 780 mm and height 1,465 mm. Wet weight 218 kg.

Yamha TMAX 560 uses a double-cylinder, DOHC, liquid-cooled engine. This engine block produces a maximum capacity of 47.6 horsepower at 7,500 rpm, maximum torque of 55.7 Nm at 5,250 rpm. Unlike popular manual cars, the TMAX 560 uses a belt drive system, the gearbox is still CVT.

Piaggio Beverly 400 S HPE – Price from 235 million VND

The scooter model imported from Italy is a rookie in the scooter market in Vietnam. The car design received many positive reviews for its stylish and sporty design. The medium-sized windshield is an accessory that adds to the overall design.

Safety systems that can be mentioned on the Beverly 400 S HPE include single disc brakes on both wheels, integrated dual-channel ABS anti-lock braking system, ASR anti-slip control, tilt sensor, smart lock system…

Beverly S 400 HPE is equipped with a 400cc single-cylinder engine, liquid-cooled, electronic fuel injection, capacity of 35.3 horsepower at 7,500 rpm, maximum torque of 37.7 Nm at 5,500 rpm. rpm. Fuel consumption is 3.7 liters / 100 km of mixed roads, according to the manufacturer’s announcement.

Piaggio MP3 – Price from 330 million VND

Piaggio MP3 is the most unique large displacement scooter on the market today, with a three-wheel structure. This scooter has two front wheels, using an independent suspension system to change the tilt angle when the driver turns a corner, similar to a two-wheeled vehicle.

The overall design of the MP3 is considered modern and sporty. The low seat helps the driver have a comfortable driving position. At the same time, this car model also integrates many safety features, including a convenient foot brake when stopping. The MP3 has an ABS anti-lock braking system, ASR anti-slip control and a system that automatically balances the vehicle when stopping even when the driver does not support his feet.

This scooter model from Italy is equipped with a 399cc single-cylinder engine, producing a maximum capacity of 35.5 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and maximum torque of 37.7 Nm at 5,750 rpm.

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