Stimulating demand at the end of the year, more Japanese car companies give gifts to customers when buying a car, including financial support services

Recently, many car companies have begun to massively launch promotions to stimulate shopping, among them Mitsubishi has a series of incentives for its car models.

Specifically, this December, when purchasing Mitsubishi Outlander models, you will receive a double promotion including a 360 panoramic camera and fuel vouchers worth 25 million VND for the 2.0 CVT version and 30 million VND for the 2.0 CVT Premium version.

The Mitsubishi Attrage B-class sedan MT version comes with a reversing camera worth 2.5 million VND, the CVT and Premium versions are supported with fuel vouchers of 15 million VND, and comes with an additional set of fish fin accessories worth 1.5 million VND.

Mitsubishi Xpander with the highest sales of the company is also given a 360 camera set worth 20 million VND for users who close their car until January 20, 2023 and agree to receive the car after Tet from January 25 to March 31/ 2023 due to inventory reasons for the AT Premium version.

As for the AT version, the price remains the same, the MT – CKD version is given a reverse camera worth 2.5 million VND, while the Mitsubishi Xpander Cross variant is given a 360 camera set worth 20 million VND. Among the product lines, the Xpander category has quite a few support programs.

With Mitsubishi’s SUV line, Pajero Sport, there are no new incentives, especially the New Triton Athlete pickup line is supported quite a lot, such as the 4×4 AT Athlete and 4×2 AT Athlete versions with 1 year of physical insurance or roll-up cover. It’s up to the buyer’s choice. The 4×2 AT Mivec version comes with a reverse camera.


In addition, users can also enjoy preferential interest rates from MAF financial services, applied to the support program in December with a preferential interest rate of 9.9% in the first year when purchasing car models such as Attrage, Outlander 2.0 CVT or Triton Athlete,…

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