Selling prices of Nissan cars in December 2022

Possessing a long operating history of more than 100 years, Nissan is known as one of the largest corporations in the car industry in Japan. This brand is also a big competitor of many car manufacturers in the world auto market, when compared with three major car brands from the US such as Ford, Lexus and Cadillac.

In the Vietnamese market, Nissan has spent more than 10 years building, developing and achieving certain successes. Since October 2020, Vietnam Automobile Industry Development Company Limited (VAD) has officially become the exclusive distributor of Nissan in our country.

In the article below, we would like to send to our readers the latest Nissan car price list in December 2022.

1. Nissan Almera car price

Replacing the position of Nissan Sunny, Almera officially joined the B-class sedan segment in the Vietnamese market in August 2021 with a spectacular transformation. The car model attracts a lot of attention because of its unique design, equipped with a powerful turbocharged engine and possesses unprecedented modern features. However, many opinions say that the price of imported Nissan Almera cars is not competitive enough with domestically assembled competitors such as Toyota Vios.

Nissan Almera car prices and promotions December 2022

Version Retail price Promotion December 2022
Almera CVT 469,000,000 Do not have
Almera CVT 529,000,000 Do not have
High-end Almera CVT 579,000,000 Do not have

2. Nissan Xtrail car price

Nissan X-Trail is a 5+2 crossover model, competing directly with two main competitors: Honda CR-V and Mitsubishi Outlander. In the latest upgrade, experts evaluate that the Nissan Xtrail brings many interesting changes, in addition to adding new features to make the car more unique.

Nissan Xtrail car prices and promotions December 2022

Version Retail price Promotion December 2022
X-Trail V-series 2.0 SL Luxury 913,000,000 Do not have
Nissan X-Trail V-series 2.5 SV Luxury 993,000,000 Do not have

3. Nissan Navara car price

Nissan Navara is one of the earliest pickup models available in the Vietnamese market, launched in 2010 as a complete imported unit. When compared to competitors in the same segment, Navara seems “inferior” in terms of design and equipment. However, Nissan’s pickup model possesses strengths in durability, sturdy chassis, quality body, powerful engine,… helping Navara have outstanding performance and flexible offroad capabilities.

In addition, the price of the Nissan Navara is significantly higher than that of the “sales king” Ford Ranger, which will be a major limitation that can prevent customers from choosing this pickup model.

Nissan Navara car prices and promotions in December 2022

Version Retail price Promotion December 2022
Navara EL 2WD 699,000,000 According to the dealer’s promotion program
High-end Navara 4WD 945,000,000 According to the dealer’s promotion program
Navara Pro4X 970,000,000 According to the dealer’s promotion program

4. Nissan Terra car price

Nissan Terra officially joined the 7-seat SUV segment in Vietnam at the end of 2018. At that time, compared to veteran names such as Ford Everest, Toyota Fortuner or Hyundai SantaFe, Terra was still a very young face. young. To be able to gain lucrative market share from the above competitors, Terra has chosen a different direction: setting low prices and using safety technology as a competitive advantage.

Currently, the price of Nissan Terra can be said to be the “softest” in the segment, starting from only 899 million VND, while competitors such as Ford Everest or Toyota Fortuner are all above 1 billion VND.

Nissan Terra car prices and promotions December 2022

Version Retail price Promotion December 2022
Terra 2.5LS 2WD 6MT 899,000,000 Do not have
Terra 2.5LE 2WD 7AT 948,000,000 Do not have
Terra 2.5LV 4WD 7AT 998,000,000 Do not have

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