Regarding the headlight cluster, more than 200 Mazda 2 cars were recalled

Due to the lack of headlight adjustment screw covers, a series of Mazda2 cars were forced to be recalled in the US market.

Specifically, the US Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) has just announced a recall of a number of Mazda2 vehicles due to problems related to the headlight cluster, which can limit the driver’s view and easily cause a collision. with surrounding vehicles.


The reason for the above recall is that the horizontal adjustment screw cover of the light assembly was not installed during the manufacturing process. Affected vehicles will have this part installed for free when brought to a genuine Mazda dealer.

There will be 226 Mazda 2 vehicles from 2021 to 2021 with production period from November 1, 2019 to December 9, 2021 that will be recalled in the US market. It is known that the supplier of this part for the affected Mazda 2 is Thai Koito company based in Thailand.

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