Newer vehicles may be exempt from registration for the first time

The Registry Department has submitted to the Ministry of Transport a plan to exempt new cars from the factory for one year from the first registration, but car owners still have to go to the registration center to prepare documents.

Specifically, immediately after receiving a request from the Traffic Police Department to consider exemption from the first technical safety inspection for cars still under the manufacturer’s warranty period, the Registry Department established a working group to conduct research. Read the above content.

Accordingly, the 6-month research results show that the rate of failed registration of newly released cars is very low, only 0.17 – 0.31%. From this reality, the Registry Department has submitted to the Ministry of Transport a plan to exempt new cars from the first registration within one year.

The Registry Department also said that after leaving the factory, vehicles still have time to be stored and stored before reaching consumers, so long periods of time will cause damage, wear and tear, and reduce technical characteristics for many vehicles. details on cars such as plastic, rubber, lubricating oil, electronic components, etc. Therefore, exemption from registration for 12 months is reasonable.

However, the 12-month exemption from registration will lead to cases where new car buyers will not benefit from this policy because the car has been stored for a year or more. The Registry Department proposed a plan to only exempt vehicles from technical and environmental protection inspections, but still need to prepare vehicle records.

Even though the vehicle owner is exempted from registration for 12 months, he or she still has to take the vehicle to the registration center to prepare vehicle records. The registration unit prepares documents, simultaneously checks the identification and compares the vehicle’s identification specifications with the production, assembly and import database to perform management work.


If this proposal is approved, it will help vehicle owners receive a discount on the first inspection from 250,000 to 570,000 VND/vehicle, but will cause registration service businesses to worry because they still have to welcome and document vehicles. , stores profile information but cannot collect service fees from vehicle owners.

The Registry Department assesses that the exemption from technical safety and environmental protection inspection for the first time means increasing the responsibility of imported manufacturers and assemblers. Specifically, because there is no need to check technical safety and environmental protection, a situation may arise where the car will be arbitrarily changed after it reaches the people’s hands. Therefore, ensuring technical safety and environmental protection of vehicles is the main responsibility of vehicle manufacturers, importers, vehicle owners, and drivers.

Insurance businesses will need to coordinate with manufacturers and car owners to determine responsibility when insurance and compensation problems occur. Regarding the legal framework to exempt the first technical safety inspection, the Ministry of Transport will have to supplement and amend Circular 16/2021/TT-BGTVT dated August 12, 2021 regulating safety inspection. technical and environmental protection of road motor vehicles.

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