More than 1,000 Ford Territory cars were sold in November, the American car company again set a sales record

After the Ford Ranger and Ford Everest, the newly launched high-riding model Ford Territory had sales of more than 1,000 cars in November.

In the last months of the year, the auto market is becoming more vibrant as car manufacturers launch incentives to stimulate tube purchases. Among them, Ford Vietnam continued to set a record when there were 4,506 cars sold on the market in November 2023.


Specifically, rookie Ford Territory has impressive sales results with 1,036 cars sold in the entire market, although there was previously a lot of negative information about this car model. However, the purchasing power of the market is the most correct thing to prove, currently the highest version of the Ford Territory is in a state of being sold out.

Despite recording more than 1,000 cars sold, the Ford Territory only has the third highest sales of the company because the Ford Ranger still retains its appeal with 1,995 cars delivered to users and is also the company’s best-selling model. American car company in Vietnam.

Next is Ford Everest with recorded sales of 1,105 cars sold in the entire market, 40% higher than the same period last year. Similar to the Ford Territory, the SUV model from the US is still sold out, especially in the most advanced version.


The large SUV model Ford Explorer also recorded 62 vehicles delivered to users, an increase of nearly 35% compared to the previous month. Currently, Ford Explorer is also facing a shortage of goods, because the supply is affected and is not enough to meet user demand. Finally, Ford Transit also has stable growth with 308 vehicles sold in November 2022, about 9% higher than October 2022. This is also the second consecutive month that Ford Vietnam has had record sales thanks to focusing on its key products while also hitting the tastes of Vietnamese users.

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