More foreign car companies increased their prices from 108 to 200 million VND

Recently, Jeep Vietnam Automobiles has announced new selling prices for currently distributed vehicle models, effective from the beginning of next year.

Accordingly, from January 1, 2023, vehicle models manufactured by Jeep Vietnam Automobiles will have new selling prices. Specifically, the Jeep Grand Cherokee L increased in price by 108-200 million VND, the RAM 1500 increased by 200 million VND, and the Jeep Wrangler increased the highest by 200-210 million VND.

Old price

New price





4,248 billion VND

4,248 billion VND


Rubicon 4 door

3,888 billion VND

4,088 billion VND

200 million VND

Rubicon 2 doors

3,888 billion VND

4,088 billion VND


3,686 billion VND

3,886 billion VND

Willys/ Islander

3,556 billion VND

3,766 billion VND

210 million VND

Grand Cherokee L


6,180 billion VND

6,380 billion VND

200 million VND

Summit Reserve

6,580 billion VND

6,688 billion VND

108 million VND



Laramie Night Edition

5,588 billion VND

5,788 billion VND

200 million VND


5,888 billion VND

6,088 billion VND


7,900 billion VND

8,100 billion VND

The reason for the price adjustment comes from the increase in foreign exchange rates from October. Customers who buy cars before January 1, 2023 will still have access to the old price. In addition, the use of 3.6L V6 engines is also subject to a 90% special consumption tax, making the prices of Jeep and Ram somewhat high compared to the general level.


After adjustment, the prices of Jeep Wrangler versions including Rubicon 2-door, Rubicon 4-door, Sahara and Willys/Islander are respectively 4,088 billion VND, 4,088 billion VND, 3,886 billion VND and 3,766 billion VND. The newly launched Jeep Grand Cherokee L is priced at VND 6.38 billion and VND 6,688 billion respectively.


The Laramie Night Edition, Longhorn and TRX versions of RAM 1500 have new prices of VND 5,788 billion, VND 6,088 billion and VND 8.1 billion. The Ram 1500 models currently have no genuine competitors and compete with names like the Ford F-150 or Toyota Tundra.


Previously, luxury segment cars from brands such as Mercedes-Benz increased their prices from 50 to 380 million VND or Volkswagen increased the prices of Touareg Luxury and Teramont by 100 million VND and 150 million VND, respectively.

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