McLaren sells car collection for 2,900 billion VND to have money to make Artura, a new hybrid supercar launched in the Vietnamese market

The hybrid supercar McLaren Artura encountered many technical problems, causing the British car company, which was having financial problems, to sell its car collection worth 2,900 billion VND.

Model launch McLaren Artura in some markets has been hampered by a number of problems. The British car company’s financial situation has been seriously affected after the Covid 19 pandemic. After having to sell its headquarters and then rent it back last year, this luxury car company also admitted that it was forced to sell some vehicles from collection to pay to fix technical problems that are delaying deliveries.


According to Bloomberg, McLaren’s Q3 2022 financial report shows that many difficulties arose, forcing the company to sell its collection for 100 million pounds (~ 2,900 billion VND) to Mumtalakat Holding Co. This Bahraini investment fund is also the largest shareholder of the group with a 60% stake.

While it did not specify which cars from its historic collection were sold, McLaren revealed in its 2021 annual report that it owns 54 Formula 1 racing cars and supercars. In the past, they also sold supercars from this expensive collection.


Although the British car company is making great efforts to negotiate with shareholders about refinancing the group, the latest statistics on McLaren’s loss in the first 9 months of this year have reached 203 million pounds. (~ 6,000 billion VND). Supercars still cannot save their situation right now.

The proceeds from the sale of the car collection will be used by McLaren to serve the hybrid supercar production project from 2020 but delayed until 2022. That is the Artura model launched not long ago in Vietnam. . Delays in production cause the process of delivering cars to customers to be pushed back.


Back to supercars Artura Currently on sale in Vietnam, this plug-in hybrid supercar combines a 3.0-liter V6 engine with an electric motor located entirely in the transmission, creating 671 horsepower in a vehicle weighing only 1,497 kg. . The price to own this supercar is currently 15.99 billion VND.

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