Many BMW cars have sharply reduced prices due to rumors that they are about to switch to domestic assembly

In order to stimulate sales at the end of the year, and possibly also push up inventory, BMW is implementing many incentive programs with discounts of up to nearly 100 million VND.

Specifically, when buying the high-end luxury car BMW 7-Series, there will be a support level of up to 100 million VND. In addition, the recently launched car model BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe version also has a discount of about 80 million VND. million VND and only applies in December 2022.


In addition to direct discount support, depending on the dealer’s sales policy or vehicle model and version, buyers can also receive genuine service packages in the form of gifts, such as warranty packages. 2-year extension, material insurance or Roadside Assistance emergency support service.

Previously, domestic car enthusiasts were stirred by the news when BMW Group confirmed that Thaco would assemble a number of popular BMW models in Vietnam. This is good news for many people because the price of assembled cars will be several hundred million cheaper than imported cars.


It is expected that car models such as BMW 3-Series, BMW 5-Series, BMW X3 and BMW X5 will be assembled in Vietnam. However, the distributor has not yet announced the official start time of the assembly line for each model. There is currently some unconfirmed information that the domestically assembled BMW 3-Series is preparing to hit the market in the near future. next time.

Currently on car groups, the price of the domestically assembled BMW 3-Series is leaking from 1,399 to 1,719 billion VND, the BMW X3 is priced from 1,799 – 2,439 billion VND, the BMW X5 is from 4,019 – 4,169 billion VND. This price is significantly cheaper from 70 million VND to 770 million VND compared to imported cars.

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