Lamborghini Vietnam recalled 3 cars because of the error of easily stalling and leaking fuel, 2 cars cost over 40 billion

Lamborghini distributor has just announced the recall of two supercar models in Vietnam, including an Aventador S owned by businessman Hoang Kim Khanh.

The Vietnam Register recently issued two notices No. 23 and 24 about recalling 3 supercars imported and distributed by S&S Automotive Joint Stock Company. The two main supercar models recalled are: Lamborghini Aventador S and Lamborghini Urusincluding 2 Aventador S produced in 2017 and 2018, the remaining Urus produced in 2019.

lamborghini-viet-nam-trieu-hoi-xe-cafeautovn-1 lamborghini-viet-nam-trieu-hoi-xe-cafeautovn-2

According to the announcement, the Engine and Gearbox control box on the Lamborghini Aventador S series may not be able to promptly adjust and maintain the minimum number of engine revolutions for the engine to operate when the accelerator pedal is pressed. Returns to the original position (cold start) when the vehicle is moving on the road. That may cause the vehicle to suddenly shut down.

The above incident can lead to the risk of the vehicle as well as its occupants being involved in an accident caused by other vehicles operating on the road because there is no timely signal warning.

Up to now, there are 2 Aventador S owned by 2 Saigon giants with a rolling value of no less than 40 billion VND, including a yellow one owned by businessman Hoang Kim Khanh and a black one owned by a secretive tycoon. Lamborghini distributor said the fix will take place at authorized dealers and service stations from December 12, 2022 to June 30, 2023. lamborghini-viet-nam-trieu-hoi-xe-cafeautovn-4

The notice from the Vietnam Register also recalled a Lamborghini Urus manufactured between 2019 and 2020, which is said to have a risk of fuel leakage at the connection point between the connector and the internal fuel pipe. engine compartment due to higher than permissible temperature. This will lead to the possibility of catching fire, causing the engine compartment to burn, injuring people in the car.

lamborghini-viet-nam-trieu-hoi-xe-cafeautovn-5 lamborghini-viet-nam-trieu-hoi-xe-cafeautovn-6

The Italian supercar distributor also replaced the quick connector of the new fuel pipe in a similar time period with 2 Aventador S cars. Currently, the selling price of a genuine Urus is about 13-17 billion VND depending on the car.

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