Lack of options, price difference but Ford Explorer is still in short supply in Vietnam

The upcoming batch of Ford Explorer cars arriving in Vietnam will have many reduced equipment, however the selling price will still be different, the listed price will not change but still cannot meet market demand.

More specifically, the batch of Ford Explorer cars arriving in December will have many changes in equipment such as self-patching tires that will be converted to regular tires, hands-free opening/closing trunks that will be converted to electric trunks and control clusters. Rear seat air conditioning adjustment will be eliminated.


The above options do not affect too much during use, but also make some demanding customers feel disappointed. These changes only appear on cars produced from July 2022. Notably, the car price remains unchanged at the proposed level of 2,399 billion VND.

However, at the present time, Ford Explorer buyers still have to purchase an accessory package with prices generally ranging from 150 million VND to 200 million VND depending on the showroom, with some cases reaching more than 300 million VND. The cause is still the scarcity of semiconductor chips worldwide, affecting the supply of manufacturers.

In addition, not only is the new generation of Ford Explorer causing a fever, but the predecessor generation of this large SUV is also very popular with Vietnamese users and there is also the phenomenon of selling cars with accessories. The price of the Ford Explorer only really cools down when the new generation is launched.

The 2022 Ford Explorer attracts attention with minor changes on the exterior but is equipped with a lot of additional technology inside the interior, such as an 8-inch entertainment screen, SYNC 3 entertainment, 12 Bang & Bang speakers. Olufsen, electric driver’s seat, 6.45-inch digital driving clock, panoramic sunroof, heated steering wheel, entertainment screen for the 2nd row of seats,…


In terms of operation, the 2022 Ford Explorer still uses a 2.3L EcoBoost gasoline engine with a 10-speed gearbox for a capacity of 297 horsepower, 431 Nm and an AWD 4-wheel drive system. There is also an additional Ford Co-Pilot 360 driving assistance package that includes features such as 360-degree camera, collision warning, emergency brake support, blind spot warning, cross-traffic warning when reversing, and warning. Lane departure, lane keeping assist and active cruise control system.

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