Honda’s erratically priced scooter has just been given a new outfit

Honda Vision has an additional USB charging port in the front storage compartment, and the turn signal display light on the watch face has been improved with a separate arrangement on both sides. The new sports version has a listed price from 32.3 million VND.

The new Honda Vision sports version inherits the stylish design of the high-end SH series. The front design and lighting effects are created by the combination of three-dimensional design lines and front lights.

Watch face design with modern LED display screen, temporary engine shutdown system (Idling Stop) helps reduce noise and save fuel. The turn signal display lights on the Honda Vision 2023 watch face have been improved with a separate arrangement on the left and right sides to help users easily see when changing direction.

The highlight of the new Honda Vision also comes from possessing a 110cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder eSP engine block that is air-cooled and integrates advanced technologies to help increase capacity while still saving fuel. Whether.

Honda Vision 2023 is also equipped with a series of amenities including: Smart locking system, trunk with a capacity of nearly 16 liters, front storage compartment with lid, USB charging port in the front storage compartment. for greater comfort for users.

The new version of Honda Vision has two colors: black and dark gray with front light clusters designed with smoky gray lenses. While the special edition has a new matte blue color and patterns shown on many design details, bringing a fashionable image to the car model.

Honda said that for the high-end and standard versions, the colors red black, white black and black will continue to be launched. In particular, all versions of the Vision 2023 model are equipped with fashionable patterns.

Honda Vision is one of the “hot” names in the Vietnamese motorbike market since the Lunar New Year holiday. The first 10 months of 2022 is the time when Honda Vision’s price is the most unpredictable when this car model continuously breaks its peak, reaching the threshold of 60 million VND.

At the end of April 2022, Honda Vietnam (HVN) issued a notice about limited supply capacity for some domestically produced scooter models. Since then, the number of motorbikes in general has trickled into dealers, and this is also the reason why dealers have taken the opportunity to push the price of Vision to dizzying levels.

Before that, there were times when the price of this Honda scooter model increased rapidly, typically in June 2022. At that time, although the standard version of Vision was listed at the highest price of 30.29 million VND, the dealer price was up to more than 48 million VND. Meanwhile, the high-end version skyrocketed to 49.55 million VND, the special version cost 50 million VND, not including the cost of license plate registration.

According to survey by CafeAutofrom the beginning of October until now, the selling price of Honda Vision “national” scooter model The new version at the dealer is currently 7 – more than 12 million VND higher, depending on version and color. Although the supply has been restored, it is still not as much as before. Meanwhile, the increased demand from parents and car buyers has caused car prices to increase.

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