Closing customers at the end of the year, Hyundai Stargazer has a strong discount, making it more accessible than the Xpander

In order to increase sales as well as stimulate year-end shopping, rookie MPV segment Hyundai Stargazer has quite strong incentives.

Accordingly, at some dealers, rookie MPV segment Hyundai Stargazer is having price subsidy programs. Depending on the sales policy, there will be a reduction of 25 to 35 million VND, but there are still places that only support 20 – 30 million VND, accompanied by an accessory package worth 15 million VND and in kind. With this promotion, the price of Hyundai Stargazer will decrease by about 60 million VND.

Recommended price

Price after promotion

Hyundai Stargazer

1.5 AT Standard

575 million

550 million

1.5 AT Special

625 million

590 million

1.5 AT Premium

675 million

650 million

Doing a quick calculation, after cumulative incentives, the price of Hyundai Stargazer is somewhat more accessible than the segment king Mitsubishi Xpander. Accordingly, the standard selling price of Hyundai Stargazer is 550 million VND and Xpander is 555 million VND, the price of the highest version is not too different, only about 648 million VND.


With this support price, Hyundai Stargazer has many advantages coming from the number of vehicle equipment such as electronic driving clock, 10.25 inch central screen, 8 speakers, automatic air conditioning,… especially Smart Sense safety package with features such as lane keeping, collision avoidance braking, distraction warning, blind spot warning and rear cross-traffic alert, tire pressure, remote ignition, automatic throttle with speed limit.


In addition, Hyundai Stargazer is also a rare car model in the segment with the option of 7 seats or 6 seats, in which the 6-seat version will have 2 single rear seats with separate armrests and only the most advanced version has this option. This option costs 10 million VND more expensive than the 7-seat version.


In terms of operation, Hyundai Stargazer is equipped with a 1.5L engine with a capacity of 115 horsepower, 144Nm combined with an iVT continuously variable transmission, front-wheel drive. This level of performance is somewhat on par with other competitors.

Currently after launch, in November there were 522 cars sold on the market, although not high, it is still a good start for a rookie. It is expected that vehicles can be assembled domestically instead of being imported as currently.

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