Car models that will stop playing in Vietnam in 2022

In 2022, many car models have signs of success in sales, but in addition, there are many cars that have been discontinued and stopped distributing in the Vietnamese market.

Lack of attraction, technology conversion, slow sales or failure to meet emissions standards are the reasons for stopping a series of car models in the Vietnamese market. Among them, there are many car models that have made waves in the segment.

Toyota Hilux

Once considered a tough competitor of the Ford Ranger in the Vietnamese market, this is the car model that stopped distribution the earliest. According to many sources, the car only meets Euro 4 emissions standards so it cannot be sold.


However, recently showroom sales consultants have offered to place deposits for this pickup truck model when it is equipped with a Euro 5 engine at a significantly higher price and may be introduced in 2023, but the timing is limited. Launch location has not yet been confirmed.

Ford EcoSport

At the end of February 2022, Ford Vietnam officially stopped selling the small urban SUV model Ford EcoSport, which is also a pioneer in the urban high-clearance vehicle segment and had its peak from 2014 to 2018. However, after that this car model gradually lost its appeal.


According to information from the company, restructuring in India has led to changes in factories and component sources there, affecting the production process of some Ford vehicle models, including EcoSport. But besides that, the appearance of Kia Seltos and Toyota Corolla Cross with many more advantages has made EcoSport no longer meet the tastes of users.

Toyota Granvia

Present in the Vietnamese market in 2020, however with sales not as expected, the MPV Toyota Granvia officially stopped selling in the Vietnamese market silently. According to statistics, only less than 20 Toyota Granvia cars were delivered during their time in Vietnam.


According to many reasons, the price of Toyota Granvia is not reasonable with the proposed price of 3,072 billion VND, the design does not really attract users, in addition, the formal comfort is still not as good as the Alphard or lacks the practicality like Kia. Carnival.

Toyota Rush

After much controversy from users, Toyota Rush officially left the Japanese car company’s product portfolio without any announcement. In fact, this car model is not highly appreciated because of its lack of practicality, outdated design, and lack of equipment commensurate with the selling price.


That’s why Toyota Rush’s sales are not high, not to mention the selling price of up to 634 million VND, which is higher than competitors that have many advantages from equipment, design to operation such as Suzuki Ertiga, XL7 or Mitsubishi. Xpander.

Toyota Wigo

Similar to Toyota Rush, Toyota Wigo is not highly appreciated for its practical value, so the sales of this A-class car model are not too prominent. However, Toyota Wigo is not yet equipped with Euro 5 engines, leading to the suspension of distribution in the Vietnamese market.


In addition, in the Toyota Wigo segment, it is under a lot of pressure from competitors such as Hyundai I10 and VinFast Fadil, causing the customer base to shrink, not to mention high resale prices, so most owners are brand lovers. Toyota brand.

Hyundai Kona

Since the launch of the Hyundai Creata, there have been many rumors about the Hyundai Kona stopping distribution because these two models have many things in common in terms of customer base. However, this model is currently in a state of suspension of distribution due to the supply of components.


Previously in 2018, Hyundai Kona almost owned the segment because there were not too many car models in this segment, but then the appearance of Kia Seltos and Toyota Corolla Cross made the appeal of this model. cool down quite strongly.

VinFast Fadil

After switching to electric car production, VinFast’s gasoline car lines stopped production. The A-class car model Fadil is the most regrettable name because this is the car with the highest practical value and is always on the list of best-selling cars every month before its death.


The appeal of VinFast Fadil comes from its sales and after-sales policies. In addition, the cost of using this car model is reasonable and spare parts are cheap, so there is always a large number of customers looking to buy it.

VinFast Lux A and SA

Similar to VinFast Fadil, the Lux A and Sa duo were also discontinued due to the company’s future strategies. Since its launch, Lux A has received a lot of good feedback from users, thereby putting pressure on other competitors of the same price range such as Toyota Camry, Mazda 6 or Honda Accord….


As for VinFast Lux SA, although sales are not as high as 2 gasoline car models of the same brand, they have the same selling power as any competitors in the segment. In addition, the presence of Lux SA also makes this segment There are many more options besides many other expensive names.

Honda Brio


The A-class segment has fewer and fewer choices when Honda Brio was also discontinued in Vietnam alongside two names: Toyota Wigo and VinFast Fadil. Accordingly, this car model is only equipped with a Euro 4 engine that does not meet Euro 5 emission standards. The return of this car model has not yet been confirmed.

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