BMW 3-Series, 5-Series, X3 and X5 will be assembled in Vietnam

BMW AG Group (Germany) confirmed that partner Truong Hai (Thaco) assembles series 3, series 5, X3, X5 in Vietnam.

BMW AG announced that it and its partner Thaco will localize many of the German company’s car models in Vietnam. So, after Thailand, India, and joint ventures in China, Malaysia, and Indonesia, Vietnam is the next place in Asia to have a vehicle assembly factory.


Since taking over the right to distribute BMW products in Vietnam through importing complete units for about 5 years, Thaco Auto is now able to assemble German luxury car models. However, despite confirming the cooperation, it is still unclear when the production line will start and when commercial products will be sold.

And currently there is only information that Thaco Auto only assembles 3-Series, 5-Series, X3 and X5 in Vietnam. Some sales consultants also offer a standard BMW 320i Sport Line price of about 1.4 billion VND, but the latest 2021 and 2023 production models can range from more than 1.6 billion VND.


With the above rumored price, it will open up very good sales opportunities for BMW in Vietnam because in this market share Mercedes-Benz currently has many advantages thanks to domestic assembly, helping to keep car prices from only 1,669 billion VND. VND for model C 200 Avantgarde, 2,099 billion VND for model E 180.

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