Best-selling car brands in Vietnam in 2022

It is not surprising that the three car companies that contributed the largest market share to the Vietnamese market in 2022 are Toyota, Hyundai and Kia.

According to VAMA’s report, Toyota is the company with the largest sales increase in the entire Vietnamese market, reaching 24.9%. After 11 months of 2022, the Japanese car company has sold a total of 81,491 vehicles of all types, ranking first in the market.

The two car models considered Toyota’s flagship include B-class sedans (more than 20,700 cars) and B+ class crossover Corolla Cross (nearly 19,000 cars). Another car model that also recorded impressive sales is the Veloz Cross with nearly 12,900 cars after only 8 months of sale.

Next, Hyundai is another brand that showed a strong breakthrough this year despite many supply difficulties. According to a report from TC Motor, there were 72,037 Hyundai vehicles delivered (including commercial vehicles) after 11 months, an increase of 18% compared to 60,711 vehicles in the same period last year.

Hyundai’s brightest car models include the B-class sedan Accent with sales of nearly 19,800 cars, Creta with more than 10,000 cars (although only opened for sale since April), Santa Fe with more than 9,600 cars and Grand i10 (more than 9,500 cars). . With sales of more than 72,000 cars after 11 months, Hyundai is likely to accept second place in sales, behind Toyota.

Meanwhile, the Kia brand brought big surprises when it achieved total sales of 57,784 vehicles, growing 17.6% over the same period, although over the past year, Kia car models continuously increased in price. This shows that youthful, reasonably priced car models from this brand are being very well received by the market.

There isn’t a car model strong enough to compete at the top of sales, but all Kia cars achieve good sales. The most notable names include Kia Seltos (more than 11,900 vehicles), Kia K3 with nearly 10,700 vehicles, Kia Carniaval (9,200 vehicles) or Sonet (more than 8,900 vehicles).

Mitsubishi had a successful year with sales increasing by 11.2%, to more than 36,800 vehicles at the end of November. “Sales king” Xpander continued to show dominance in the MPV segment with sales of more than 20,000 vehicles. car, challenging the top 1 car models in sales in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the Attrage B-class sedan also sold quite impressively with more than 6,700 cars. Remember that in this segment, Attrage has to compete with very strong competitors such as Toyota Vios, Hyundai Accent or Honda City.

Although Mazda had a quiet year without launching any new products or upgrades, it still recorded a growth rate of 10%. Key car models such as Mazda 3 or CX-5 can reach sales of over 10,000 units by the end of this year (CX-5 has reached nearly 12,000 units while Mazda 3 has more than 9,300 units after 11 months). After 11 months, Mazda achieved sales of more than 33,500 vehicles.

Honda and Ford are competitors for the top 6 market position with sales of more than 28,000 vehicles and 24,000 vehicles respectively. Ford’s sales over the past 11 months have grown by 7.3% with the largest contributions from the Ranger pickup model (more than 14,000 vehicles) and the D-class SUV Everest (more than 5,900 vehicles).

Meanwhile, Honda’s two key products, CR-V and City, achieved sales of more than 13,500 vehicles and more than 8,500 vehicles, respectively. The company’s newly upgraded car models such as the Civic and HR-V have not left much of an impression when the selling price is quite high.

However, recently, Honda made a notable move when launching the HR-V G version with prices starting at only 699 million, which is expected to push sales of this model higher. However, Honda’s sales also grew by 8.6% last year.

The Suzuki brand recorded a growth rate of 4.5% with sales reaching nearly 14,500 vehicles with the main product being the XL7 model (6,100 vehicles) and a number of truck models.

Another brand, Peugeot distributed by THACO, also achieved sales of more than 9,700 cars after 11 months of 2022, a slight increase of 3%. Finally, Isuzu, achieved 3.1% growth, mainly in truck models.

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