Yamaha Nickel – a 3-wheeled motorbike with a unique design has just arrived in the Vietnamese market

Yamaha Nickel is a 3-wheeled motorbike model that was first launched at the EICMA 2018 exhibition, and now the first vehicle has suddenly appeared in Vietnam.

Recently, Yamaha Vietnam organized the Yamaha Expo in Da Nang city. The Japanese car company brings here not only the models it is selling but also very different models. A typical example among them is the 3-wheeled motorbike model – Yamaha Nickel.

Yamaha Nickel was introduced by the company in 2017. The vehicle is designed to apply LMW technology (tilting technology when cornering with multi-wheeled vehicles), helping to maintain the driving experience and feeling of multi-wheeled vehicles, at the same time. Increase vehicle stability when cornering.

Notable in this technology is the front suspension system of Yamaha Nickel, with a total of 4 upside down shock absorbers (Upside down – USD), divided into two pairs for the two front wheels.

This design not only helps the vehicle operate stably but also has an aesthetic effect, increasing the vehicle’s sporty appearance. The front/rear wheel sizes on the Yamaha Nickel are 15 and 17 inches, respectively. Similarly, tire sizes are 120/70 and 190/55.

The dimensions of the Yamaha Nickel are 2,150 (length) x 885 (width) x 1,250 mm (height), the seat height is 820 mm and the weight of this 3-wheeled vehicle is about 263 kg.

Yamaha Nickel uses an electronic screen that displays the vehicle’s speed and parameters. Both sides of the steering wheel integrate buttons such as ignition, headlights/cosmetic and especially automatic throttle (Cruise Control).

As for power, Yamaha Nickel is equipped with a 3-cylinder engine with a capacity of 847cc, liquid-cooled, producing a maximum capacity of 115 horsepower and maximum torque of 87.5 Nm.

However, currently this 3-wheeled vehicle model is not officially distributed. There was once a surfer in the country that the owner offered for sale at a price of about 700 million VND.

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