Which car brand was most searched for online last year?

Japanese car company – Toyoya suddenly became the most searched car brand on the Internet in 2022.

The numbers in the annual sales report show that Toyota is the best-selling car company in the world. Not only that, Toyota is also the most searched car brand on the Internet.

The above information was just published by Compare The Market, which compiled Google Trends 2022 data and revealed that the Japanese car manufacturer – Toyota is the brand that people are most interested in.

Specifically, Toyota is the most searched car brand in 69 out of 155 countries included in the study, accounting for 44.5% of total searches and this result increased by 31% compared to 2021.

In the Top 10 table, Toyota’s closest competitors are BMW and Mercedes, topping the search list in 36 and 10 countries, respectively. Immediately following are Audi (9), Kia (9), Ford (4), Hyundai (4), Nissan (3), Fiat (2) and finally Chevrolet (2).

According to Compare The Market, one of the reasons why users still have great interest in the Toyota car brand may be due to the attraction of some new car models they introduced last year.

Furthermore, while other car brands promise to transition to all-electric models in the near future, Toyota continues to offer a wide range of powertrains – including combustion engines. in Hydrogen powered.

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