Top most suitable scooters for women in 2023

With luxurious, sophisticated and convenient designs, scooter models such as Honda Lead, Vision, Yamaha Grande, etc. are always the top choice for women.

On the Vietnamese market today, there are many scooter models appearing, their popularity is increasing as more and more scooter models are launched, below are some relatively nice scooter models with reasonable prices. Relatively reasonable sale.

Yamaha Janus – Price from 28 to 32.2 million VND (depending on version)

Yamaha Janus has a youthful design and smooth performance at a very affordable price. Possesses a Blue Core engine, Stop & Start system and One Push Start function. Janus has the ability to save fuel with a consumption of only 1.87 liters/100km – among the top most fuel-efficient scooters in Vietnam.

Yamaha Janus owns a Blue Core engine, 4 stroke, SOHC single cam, 125 cc capacity with electronic fuel injection technology. Along with the CVT transmission system, the car is capable of producing a maximum capacity of 9.5 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and maximum torque of 9.6 Nm at 5,500 rpm.

Yamaha Latte – Price from 37.3 to 37.8 million VND (depending on version)

Yamaha Latte stands out with its luxurious design and 125cc Blue Core engine for optimal fuel economy with a consumption of only 1.8 liters/100km with a series of great equipment such as SmartKey and a large trunk. up to 37 liters, convenient fuel tank cap…

Yamaha Latte owns a Blue Core 125cc engine, 4-stroke single cylinder, 2 air-cooled valves. The vehicle’s design is more streamlined thanks to the integrated Smart Motor Generator, providing smooth starting. The smart generator operates by allowing electricity to flow through the generator in the opposite direction, integrating a starter motor to help the vehicle start smoothly and easily.

Yamaha Grande Blue Core Hybrid – Price from 45.2 to 49.6 million VND (depending on version)

Yamaha Grande is a scooter model with respectable fuel consumption, only 1.69 liters/100km, according to statistics and analysis published by the Vietnam Register. Besides the fashionable and elegant design, the new Grande Blue Core Hybrid version also has a super spacious 27-liter trunk and is equipped with a series of modern features such as Hybrid power assist, SmartKey, Stop & Start System, ABS brakes,…

Comprehensively upgraded and innovated compared to the previous generation, the new generation Blue Core engine uses an air-cooled system, has an engine weight reduced by 840 grams, and integrates a Hybrid electric power steering system to bring a more enjoyable experience. Smoother driving, strong acceleration and optimal fuel economy. The car has a SOHC, 4-stroke, 2-valve, single-cylinder engine with a capacity of 125cc. This power will produce a maximum capacity of 8 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and maximum torque of 10.4 Nm from 5,000 rpm.

Honda Vision – Price from 30.2 to 34.9 million VND (depending on version)

Belonging to the low-priced scooter segment, Honda Vision has always been a popular model among young people and has had the largest sales volume in the Vietnamese market for many years thanks to its youthful and compact design.

Regarding the engine, the operating power on the Honda Vision 2022 has not changed, it is still a 110cc eSP engine block, electronic fuel injection. This machine is capable of generating a maximum capacity of 8.8 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and maximum torque of 9.23 Nm at 5,500 rpm.

Honda LEAD – Price from 37.5 to 42.3 million VND (depending on version)

Inheriting a modern design language and many amenities, the new Honda LEAD is now upgraded with the latest generation Honda eSP+ engine like on high-end scooter models, new trendy colors, and convenient charging port. , exquisite front design,…

The new Honda LEAD is equipped with eSP (Honda’s new generation smart engine first introduced in Vietnam in 2012). Single-cylinder engine, 124.8 cc capacity, with 10.6 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and maximum torque of 11.4 Nm from 5,000 rpm.

SYM Attila 125 new version – Price from 33.7 million VND

SYM’s once popular women’s scooter model has now been revived with a completely new Attila 125 EFI version, with a more youthful and fashionable design. In this new version, Attila 125 EFI has a full LCD watch face, the parameters display full vehicle operating information, more sophisticated and beautiful. The phone charging port is located on the handlebar with a very convenient waterproof cover, making it easy to connect to the charger while driving.

E-Power 124.6 cc engine, completely new design, has a maximum capacity of 10.3 horsepower at 8,500 rpm, maximum torque of 9.4 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Air-cooled and 6.2 liter fuel tank capacity.

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