The new generation Honda Dream is about to return to Vietnam

The new generation of the Dream car model was first introduced in Cambodia at the end of 2020.

The January Industrial Property Gazette has information about copyright registration for the new generation Honda Dream car model. The owner of this copyright is Honda Limited Liability Company.

New generation Honda Dream-CafeAuto-2

Honda Dream is copyrighted in Vietnam, showing a high possibility that this car model will soon be officially distributed. Previously, car models such as Vario 160 or Air Blade 160 were also sold officially after only a few months of copyright registration information appearing.

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The latest generation Honda Dream was first introduced at the end of 2020 in Cambodia. The car received many upgrades in design and equipment. The overall design of this car model bears many similarities to the “dwarf” Dream line.

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The notable upgrade comes from the engine. Honda has equipped the Dream with a new generation 125 cc engine. This new engine block still uses mechanical fuel injection instead of electronic.

In Cambodia, Honda Dream is priced at about 2,100 USD. If sold in Vietnam, there is a high possibility that this will be a product positioned between Wave Alpha and Blade.

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