Supercar successor to Ferrari 812 Superfast revealed, more opportunities for Vietnamese giants to buy naturally aspirated V12 engine

The new Ferrari model using a naturally aspirated V12 engine to replace the 812 Superfast has appeared on the test track and may launch soon this year.

First launched globally in 2017 at the Geneva Motor Show, the Ferrari 812 Superfast quickly caught the attention of car enthusiasts thanks to its eye-catching design and the most powerful naturally aspirated V12 engine of the Italian supercar company. ever produced. However, recently, the successor model of the 812 series was revealed while undergoing testing.


The first images of the new Ferrari model went viral in April 2022 before some more detailed images of a camouflaged prototype appeared this past October. Based on images and recorded videos, it can be seen that the “junior” of the 812 Superfast is quite similar to the Roma model using a V8 engine, but larger in size and powerful sound coming from the V12 engine.


Throughout the recorded clip, a Ferrari engineer sits behind the wheel controlling the prototype to test the car’s grip in the corners, although the power of the V12 engine seems to make this “super horse” want to get off the track.


Specific information about the V12 engine powering the new Ferrari model is still a mystery. Ferrari’s simplest option is to keep the current 6.5-liter engine and simply make some modifications to raise horsepower and torque above the 812 Competizione’s 819 horsepower.


As recently as 2021, there were reports circulating that Ferrari would turbocharge their famous V12 engine to keep it alive for another generation but the supercar’s engine is currently testing It sounds very similar to a naturally aspirated engine, which shows that the above information is not accurate.


If Ferrari decides to improve the V12 with more than just internal upgrades, it will likely do so with the adoption of a hybrid system. Such a powertrain is capable of increasing output to around 900 horsepower, allowing the new supercar to sit in the segment between the 819 horsepower 296 GTB and the 986 horsepower SF90 Stradale.


Up to now, there have been no less than 9 Ferraris in Vietnam equipped with naturally aspirated V12 engines, including the 599 GTB Fiorano (V12 6.0L), F12 Berlinetta (V12 6.3L) and 812 Superfast (V12 6.5L). The highest selling price is the 812 Superfast line when paying all taxes and fees, up to over 30 billion VND.

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