Reduced price to 41.49 million VND, Suzuki GSX-R150 causes fever in the small sportbike segment

Suzuki GSX-R150 has just had its selling price adjusted down from 71.99 to 41.49 million VND, the cheapest in the 150cc sportbike segment.

Recently, Suzuki Vietnam announced an adjustment to the listed prices of a series of currently distributed products. In particular, the manual clutch sportbike model GSX-R150 has a reduction of up to 30.5 million VND, the latest selling price is only 41.49 million VND.

Suzuki GSX-R150-CafeAuto-2

Compared to other models in the same segment such as the Yamaha R15 (from 70 million VND), R15M (87 million VND) or Honda CBR150R (71.29 million VND), the price of the GSX-R150 is significantly cheaper, even just one half. This makes Suzuki GSX-R150’s competitors “restless”.

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With the same 150cc sportbike design, the GSX-R150 is equipped with LED headlights, halogen taillights, LCD digital dashboard, smart locking system with LED borders, racing-style stratified saddle and pair of front forks. telescopic tube,

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The vehicle’s frame is in the form of twisted steel tubes. This is Suzuki’s new technology to increase stiffness and strength. Hence, Although the GSX-R150 has a size of 1,300 mm, it only has a weight of 131 kg, and a seat height ofblow at level 785 mm.

Suzuki GSX-R150 is equipped with groundbreaking Smartkey technology, easily locating and starting the vehicle within 5m.

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With the positioning function, the GSX-R150 can be easily found with just one operation, helping you easily identify the vehicle when in a public parking lot or in unfavorable weather environments.

Suzuki GSX-R150 watch with super bright Full LCD control panel makes it easy to manage useful information, even in bright sunlight. GSX-R150 wheels are integrated with a sporty Y-shaped design combined with a piston system for safe performance when moving.

Suzuki GSX-R150-CafeAuto-6

This car model is okay Equipment single cylinder engine, 150 cc capacity, liquid cooled, 19 horsepower, maximum torque 14 Nm. 6-speed gearbox. The 17-inch rims come with 90/80 front tires and 130/70 rear tires. The unfortunate point about the GSX-R150 is that both front and rear wheels do not have ABS.

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