MPV segment in December and total 2022, purchasing power decreased but Mitsubishi Xpander leads

Unlike many other segments, the MPV market share is still vibrant with a large number of cars sold and the familiar name Mitsubishi Xpander is still the car model with the highest sales of the month and the whole year.

In 2022, the MPV segment will have many new names and upgrades to compete with each other. However, Mitsubishi Xpander still maintains its familiar position, Toyota Veloz has strong acceleration times to compare sales. with the top car model.

Mitsubishi Xpander

Compared to November, when more than 2,300 cars were delivered, in December this number was lower, with only 1,856 Xpander cars sold, due to limited supply. However, this MPV model still leads the segment, according to statistics in 2022, there will be 21,983 Xpander cars shipped.

The new version of Mitsubishi Xpander is currently priced from 555 million VND to 688 million VND and comes with upgrades to add more experience for users. According to many reviews, the Xpander 2022 brings more value than the price difference of the old generation.

Toyota Veloz Cross

Similar to Mitsubishi Xpander, Toyota Veloz Cross sales also decreased when selling 1,228 cars, slightly lower than November 2022. Currently, the vehicle supply is more complete than the previous generation, but there is still the phenomenon of beer with peanuts. According to statistics, in 2022 there will be 14,104 Toyota Veloz cars sold on the market.


However, many dealers still suggest buying additional accessories at lower prices than before to attract users’ attention. Toyota Veloz Cross is still imported from foreign markets and is now assembled domestically to be more proactive in supply.

Kia Carnival

Maybe in December, Kia Carnival had some unexplained disadvantages when there were only 120 cars sold on the market, this number was quite surprising because previously this was a car model with extremely good sales. However, for the whole year, this MPV model has up to 9,320 cars sold on the market.

Even though it is assembled domestically, Kia Carnival’s supply of components is limited, so many buyers have to wait for 1 to 2 months to receive their car. Not only Kia Carnival but many other car manufacturers also encounter the same situation.

Suzuki XL7

In December, there were only 418 Suzuki XL7 cars sold on the market, slightly lower than in November, but cumulatively for the whole year, there were 6,526 cars sold on the market.

Suzuki XL7 is currently priced at 599 to 639 million VND for 3 versions sold, but in fact users can buy it at a lower price depending on the dealer policy. Even though it is an imported car, the company still has valuable incentives to increase consumption compared to other competitors.

Toyota Avanza Premier


In December, only 344 Toyota Avanza Premio cars were sold on the market, slightly lower than in November when there were 392 cars. This number is quite surprising when this car model is not highly rated, not to mention factors such as “purchased with accessories” as well as other car models that have more reasonable prices and are available for handover. In addition, since its launch, 3,592 vehicles have been delivered to users.

Toyota Innova


Similar to Toyota Avanza Premio, sales of the once MPV king Toyota Innova decreased slightly with only 360 cars sold on the market and 3,272 cars sold in 2022. Currently this model has incentives such as renewal packages. Warranty and many other supports from manufacturers and dealers. Some unconfirmed sources say the new generation of Toyota Innova will arrive in Vietnam next year.

Hyundai Stargazer

Launched not long after Kia Carens, but the new MPV model Hyundai Stargazer also had 599 cars sold on the market in the second month of presence in Vietnam. This is also a completely new model in the small multi-purpose vehicle segment. According to statistics from Vama, 1,121 vehicles have been delivered since its launch.


Compared to Kia Carens, Hyundai Stargazer has a softer price from 575 million VND to 685 million VND for 4 versions with only 1 operating configuration. Stargazer’s advantages come from its high-end equipment as well as the SmartSense safety technology package.

Kia Carens

After being renamed and sold, sales of the small MPV model Kia Carens had their first successes with 550 cars sold on the market in the second month. This number is not high but enough to see. user interest in this car model. Cumulatively since launch, 1,085 vehicles have been delivered to users.

Kia Carens was launched with 7 versions with 3 different engine configurations with starting prices from 619 million VND to 859 million VND, higher than the average. In return, the car has custom upgrades suitable for a larger family audience.

Suzuki Ertiga

Although the new version has been launched, Suzuki Ertiga sales only increased slightly from 59 vehicles in November to 103 vehicles in December and a total of 879 vehicles sold in 2022. Maybe because of limited supply or other factors. The support program is not attractive enough to consumer tastes.

Compared to other competitors, the Suzuki Ertiga is considered quite good as it has a more attractive price than other competitors, the performance is somewhat equivalent but the vehicle’s equipment is somewhat at a loss, causing its sales. This MPV model does not really stand out. Currently, Suzuki has updated the hybrid version for Ertiga, which is expected to help improve the business situation in the near future.

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