Lexus recalls more than 60 vehicles at risk of fire in Vietnam

Lexus Vietnam has just announced the implementation of a recall program to replace the fuel tank vent assembly on Lexus GS350 / RC200t / GS200t vehicles manufactured during the period September 11, 2012 to November 10, 2017.

According to information provided by Toyota Japan Corporation (TMC), the list and number of Lexus vehicles in Vietnam affected are specifically as follows:

The fuel tank vent assembly (including the fuel vapor controller) is an accessory assembly installed on the vehicle, capable of preventing fuel vapor generated in the tank from escaping directly into the environment.

Vehicles in the affected range are equipped with a fuel tank vent assembly, mounted to the fuel tank through a flange. Due to the design, cracks may appear on the outer surface of the flange.

This crack can spread over time, causing fuel to leak out. Depending on the amount of fuel released and if an ignition source arises, there may be an increased risk of a vehicle fire.

Customers need to quickly bring their vehicle to Lexus Dealers nationwide to have the new fuel tank vent assembly replaced completely free of charge. Estimated update time: 2 hours/vehicle.

For non-genuine imported Lexus vehicles subject to recall as announced by Toyota Japan Corporation (TMC), upon request from the vehicle owner, we will assist in contacting TMC to obtain information. After receiving confirmation and agreement from TMC, Lexus dealers authorized by TMV will conduct a free check/update for customers. The program is expected to be implemented by Lexus Vietnam from February 2, 2023 at all Lexus Dealers nationwide.

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