Launching Vespa 946 2023 special edition to welcome the spring of Quy Mao

The Italian car company has just launched the Vespa 946 10th Anniversario version to welcome the spring of 2023.

In China, Vespa launched a limited edition to celebrate the Year of the Cat. It is expected that only 1,000 Vespa 946 2023 units will be released.

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Although the price of the car is not disclosed, the 946 has a very unique design style and has a high collectible value, so the car often costs up to hundreds of millions.

Vespa has a separate line to produce the 946 and this will also be the place where the new Vespa 946 10th Anniversario will be produced. However, the car impresses thanks to its pale green paint, along with white embellishments.

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Like other 946s, the 946 special edition uses aluminum details on the handlebars, saddle brackets, side panels, front fenders, and mirror legs. The 12-inch multi-spoke rims are designed to resemble the drum brakes of early Vespas. The vehicle is equipped with a pair of disc brakes divided equally for each wheel, integrated with two-channel ABS, and a traction control system.

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Vespa 946 10th Anniversario is equipped with a monochrome LCD clock, not a color one like the company’s other new generation models. LED lighting system is standard equipment, fuel tank capacity is 8 liters. The vehicle’s seat height reaches 790 mm, wheelbase length is 1,340 mm.

Vespa 946 2023 is equipped with a 155 cc, single-cylinder, three-valve, air-cooled engine, producing 12.7 horsepower at 7,750 rpm and 12.8 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm. rpm.

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As planned, Vespa 946 10 Anniversario 2023 will launch in China on January 22 (the first day of the Lunar New Year). The car is produced in a limited quantity of 1,000 units, the price is announced at the same time.

It is currently unclear whether the Vespa 946 10th Anniversario is officially distributed in Vietnam or not. Previously, the 946 Christian Dior line created a great attraction when it was present in Vietnam. Although the original price was about 700 million, there was a time when the car’s price was nearly 1.5 billion.

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