Kymco launches a new set of scooters: Aggressive design, genuine equipment

The scooter model possesses many impressive equipment while its appearance attracts users with impressive sharp lines.

Kymco in Europe recently officially introduced the 2023 version of the Dink R 125/150 scooter duo. This new version is simply a color update and some design changes, the rest is not much different from the previous version.

Kymco Dink R-CafeAuto-2

Specifically, the Kymco Dink R 2023 still retains the typical maxi-scooter design and some details of the adventure line, especially in the “hawk beak” part from the front crank. The entire lighting system on the car uses modern LED technology, the dual front headlights create a sharp, impressive mask with the front fairing.

Kymco Dink R-CafeAuto-3

Dink R 2023 is also equipped with a tall, electrically adjustable windshield for convenience. The car is also equipped with a 3-zone instrument cluster, all of which use modern LCDs to fully display machine parameters to help users better grasp the vehicle’s condition. This clock cluster can also connect to smartphones via modern bluetooth connection.

Kymco Dink R-CafeAuto-4

This 2023 generation of scooters is also equipped with a modern smart key along with 2 USB charging ports, convenient for charging smartphones. Compared to the 2022 generation, the Dink R 2023 has also changed its rim design although it still uses cast rims. In terms of power, the car is equipped with a single cylinder, air-cooled engine with 2 options: 125cc and 150cc.

Kymco Dink R-CafeAuto-5

The selling price of the Dink R 2023 scooter has not yet been revealed, but is expected to be at a reasonable level.

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