In the last month of 2022, there will be nearly 4,300 VinFast electric vehicles shipped and handed over to users.

According to the manufacturer, thanks to solving supply chain problems, VinFast’s output has changed with 7 times the number of cars delivered compared to November 2022.

Specifically, in December 2022, a total of 4,278 electric cars under the VinFast brand were delivered to domestic users. This includes 2,730 VF8 cars and 1,548 VF e34 cars. To get this speedy number, we must rely on the factor of component supply being resolved.


In addition, the selling price policy is also a contributing factor when VinFast VF8 was applied with an additional Vinhomes voucher of 200 million VND. Thanks to this policy, the rolling price of VinFast VF8 Eco version is reduced to only 850 million VND and the Plus version is 1,035 billion VND.

As for VinFast VF e34, an additional Living Green voucher of 30 million or 50 million VND is applied. This incentive program helps buyers of VinFast VF e34 without battery only have to pay from 468 – 490 million VND if depositing 50 million VND and from 543 – 565 million VND if depositing 10 million VND.


VinFast said that it has produced and delivered the VF e34 car according to the customer’s order number. However, due to the difficult economic situation, some customers with early deposit orders are not ready to receive their cars. This leads to a remaining number of VinFast VF e34 cars that have been produced but have not been delivered to the right customers. To support customers who have a deposit order number after changing the version or color and receiving the car before Tet, VinFast decided to implement a policy to apply Vinhomes vouchers for customers paying for VF8 cars and Green Living vouchers for customers. VF e34.


Also in the last month of 2002, VinFast officially accepted deposits for the VF5 Plus electric car model, priced at 458 million VND without battery and 538 million VND including battery and expected to be delivered in April 2023. In January 2023, VinFast will continue to hand over the VF9 model to the market. By March 2023, VinFast will begin accepting deposits for two electric car models VF6 and VF7.

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