Honda Winner X’s ‘nightmare’ is about to launch, the selling price is expected to ‘sweep’ the segment

This new manual clutch vehicle model promises to make it difficult for the Honda Winner

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Malaguti is currently preparing to launch a new line of manual clutch motorcycles in the European market. According to some sources, the Malaguti Specter GP 125 manual clutch bike model will soon be introduced in Vietnam This.

Malaguti Specter GP 125 is considered a potential competitor of Honda Winner X and is quite popular in Southeast Asia.

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Malaguti Specter GP 125 is designed in an underbone form with sporty, personality lines, imbued with the style of Italian cars with Asian charm. Malaguti Specter GP 125 is also equipped with a sturdy chassis and highly aerodynamic design, helping to increase the vehicle’s performance. This.

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Malaguti Specter GP 125 comes with a 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, 125 cc engine with a maximum capacity of about 9.7 horsepower along with a maximum torque of 9.6 Nm. According to the company, Malaguti Specter GP 125 has a fuel consumption of 50 km/L. Car Using a 5 liter fuel tank, can travel a distance of up to 250 km on 1 tank of fuel.

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Car model Fitted as standard with a 5-speed manual transmission, a Wet Multi-Platte manual clutch transfers final power via a chain to the rear wheel. The Honda Winner To ensure user safety, the Malaguti Specter GP 125 uses a 320 mm single disc brake at the front, a 190 mm single disc at the rear, comes with an ABS system on the front wheel and 17-inch alloy wheels.

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Malaguti Specter GP 125 is expected to launch on the European motorcycle market in the first half of 2023, however the manufacturer has not yet given a specific timeline. Car with an expected selling price of about 2,499 euros (equivalent to 63 million VND). At this price, Malaguti Specter GP 125 is significantly more expensive than many competitors in the same segment.c.

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