Honda Vario 160 sold genuine in Vietnam, will it be more expensive to fix the errors of imported cars?

Honda has officially introduced the Vario 160 model into the Vietnamese market at a cheaper price than the price of cars imported privately from Thailand or Indonesia. However, this move of Honda is facing many mixed opinions.

The overall design of the Honda Vario 160 is created by cut lines, a large body with prominent ribs creating a visual effect that makes the car much larger. The car’s length is equivalent to the Honda Air Blade model with a length of 1,929 mm, a width of 679mm and slightly higher at 1,088 mm. Many people think that this new design of the Vario 160 is too big and blunt, making it inconvenient to control. The design of the old version is preferred. The design is also a bit unbalanced as the relationship between the legs and the body of the car is quite different.

Compared to the car imported from the Indonesian market, the domestically produced version of the Vario 160 has differences. The chassis has been reprocessed to suit conditions in Vietnam and optimize weight. Removing the license plate on the front of the car, the display screen, clock and vehicle software also have integrated changes.


Honda Vario 160 has a double headlight cluster placed deep in front of the car. The lattice-shaped turn signals are placed separately on top of the headlight. This design helps the front of the car somewhat less empty. Despite some changes in the software, the Vario 160 will still use a monochrome LCD screen, the display of the screen is only sufficient and will be somewhat difficult to see in hot or rainy weather conditions.

The car’s equipment doesn’t have too many outstanding features. The suspension system uses telescopic forks for the front wheels and Mono-shock shock absorbers for the rear wheels. With a dry weight of 115 kg and a weight when filling the fuel tank of about 120 kg, the car’s suspension system is difficult to meet the shock absorbing ability during operation even though the new version is 3 times lighter than the old version. kg. Obviously, with a weight of up to 120 kg and a massive body, even men can have difficulty operating or driving the bike, let alone women. The size and weight of the vehicle makes Vario 160 quite inferior to players.

Brakes on the Standard version will only be drum brakes for the rear wheels and disc brakes for the front wheels with CBS technology. The Sports and Special versions will have ABS with disc brakes for both wheels.

The main reason why Vario 160 has many negative reviews is because the previous imported version of this car model had many errors. The most common are coolant leaks and a bent steering wheel causing the steering wheel to misalign. These errors are not too difficult to fix, but encountering minor errors on new cars makes many users uncomfortable.


Honda Vario 160 has a 4-valve eSP+ engine with 15.4 horsepower and 13.8 Nm of torque. For comparison, the Vario 160’s power is slightly better than that of its ‘family brother’ Air Blade and is almost ‘some eight ounces, some half a pound’ with rival Yamaha NVX 155 when the Yamaha model also has the same capacity. 15.4 horsepower, 0.1 Nm higher torque but 500 rpm higher rpm.

Even though it has better engine power than many models in the segment, the Vario 160 is still a bit inconvenient when moving due to its large, muscular, and somewhat bulky design. The long body of the vehicle with the steering angle is not too wide, making the turning distance of the vehicle relatively large. This makes the Vario 160 really lose to its 150cc junior in the ability to move flexibly in the city, especially at rush hour. range, many users have expressed their wish for Honda to officially distribute the Vario 150 instead of the 160.


Currently, 4 versions of the Honda Vario 160 are being distributed at a price nearly 10 million VND cheaper than privately imported cars. Specifically, the Standard version costs 51.69 million VND, the Premium version costs 52.19 million VND, the Special version costs 55.69 million VND and the Sports version costs 56.19 million VND. This is a controversial price, 5-8 million VND higher than cars imported from Indonesia. There have been comments that Honda’s price push is like “infinite collusion” with private import agents.

The fact that the old version of the car has many minor errors as well as the price of genuine distributed cars is more expensive than the price of imported cars, making the Honda Vario 160 the focus of mixed opinions.


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