Honda Vario 160 price increased by more than 1 million VND as soon as it arrived at the dealer

After a relatively grand launch in early 2023, the first Vario 160s were delivered to dealers and car prices also increased shortly after.

After being officially distributed on the market by HEAD dealers, the prices of Honda Vario 160 versions have had certain fluctuations. Most of the car models’ prices are pushed up a bit compared to the prices listed on Honda’s website, but there are still versions with prices up to nearly 2 million VND.

Below will be the reference car prices in the Northern region

Note: Reference prices may vary by location and time

Starting with the Standard version, this version does not increase the price too much but is simply ’rounded up’ by the dealer. The listed price of the Standard version is 51.69 million VND and is raised by dealers to 52 million VND.


Vario 160 Premium version in Black and Silver is a version that users pay a lot of attention to, so the price has been pushed up quite a lot. Specifically, some dealers are distributing this version at prices ranging from 52.5 million VND to 53 million VND, an increase from 310,000 VND to more than 800,000 VND compared to the listed price of 52.19 million VND.


The Vario Special Edition’s price has been stabilized quite well with an increase of just over 300,000 VND with the current distribution price of 56 million VND.


The Sports version is the version with the highest listed price of 56.19 million VND and is also the model with the highest price increase. At some dealers, prices were recorded at 57 million VND to 57.5 million VND, increasing from 800,000 VND to 1.3 million VND.


The updated price above includes VAT but does not include fees such as Pre-busing Fee, License Plate Fee or Insurance. If you add up the total fees that buyers need to pay, the cost to roll out any Vario 160 model will increase by 4-6 million VND.

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