Honda LEAD has an actual selling price lower than the company’s proposed price

A series of Honda LEAD scooter versions have actual selling prices falling below the suggested level, ranging from 1 million VND to nearly 2 million VND.

The 2023 Quy Mao Lunar New Year holiday has ended, but spring festivals are still taking place in all parts of the country. Going to work and going out in the spring is a two-in-one combination for many people. On those roads, scooters like the Honda LEAD are still wanted by many people to have as a companion.

Honda LEAD price list in early February 2023, millions reduced-CafeAuto-2

A special feature of this year’s Honda LEAD price movement as well as many other scooter models is that the sales level has cooled down significantly.

A survey of some HEAD Hondas in the Hanoi area shows that a series of LEAD scooter versions are being sold at millions of discounts compared to the suggested price. The reduction ranges from a few hundred thousand VND to nearly 2 million VND.

Latest Honda LEAD price list in early February 2023:

Car model

Proposed price (Million VND)

Dealer price (Million VND)

LEAD Standard



LEAD Premium



LEAD Special



*Note: The prices above are for reference only, the actual price depends on the dealer and the area where the car is sold.

Honda LEAD is a very familiar name in the Vietnamese motorbike market. This scooter model is also known as the national scooter. The vehicle has many convenient equipment, meeting the needs of users who want a versatile scooter. Typically, the front of the car has a storage compartment with an integrated USB port, while under the seat is a 37-liter trunk capable of holding 2 large hooded helmets and many other personal items.

Honda LEAD price list in early February 2023, millions reduced-CafeAuto-4

The car is equipped with a completely new eSP+ 4-valve engine that provides strong performance and fuel economy; There are many color options, suitable for customers’ diverse tastes.

Honda LEAD price list in early February 2023, millions reduced-CafeAuto-5

Besides the outstanding advantages, the Honda LEAD 2023 still has certain disadvantages such as the rear of the car is quite heavy due to the short wheelbase, so the car’s engine must be placed backward. This is an inconvenience for female customers who have to lead the car and causes discomfort for the person sitting behind. In addition, the rear shock absorber of the car is aimed at smoothness when driving so it is quite soft, however this causes some obstacles when traveling on bad, rough roads.

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