Honda launched a new scooter identical to LEAD, priced at only 23.2 million VND

2023 Honda Activa H-Smart has just been launched in the billion-people market with many attractive equipment such as smart keys and LED lights but at a super cheap price.

Specifically, Honda has just updated a new edition for the Honda Activa scooter family in India. This new model is called 2023 Honda Activa H-Smart and has many advanced equipment superior to the previous version.

The new Honda is identical to LEAD-CafeAuto-2

The outstanding new equipment is the Smart Key smart key system. With this system, the driver can start the car easily without having to insert the key. In addition, this system also allows the trunk to be turned on with just one button and has the ability to lock the car itself.

The new Honda is identical to LEAD-CafeAuto-3

In addition, Smart Key also increases protection for Activa. The car has LED headlights, new wheel rims, rear handrails, 3D graphics, and a CBS combined brake system.

The new Honda is identical to LEAD-CafeAuto-4

The vehicle is equipped with a single cylinder engine, 110cc capacity, FI electronic fuel injection. This engine block allows the car to reach a maximum capacity of 7.85 horsepower and maximum torque of 8.84 Nm.

The new Honda is identical to LEAD-CafeAuto-5

Overall, with a length of 1833 mm, width 697 mm and height 1156 mm, with a wheelbase of 1260 mm; On the outside, the Activa H-Smart is extremely similar to the Honda LEAD in Vietnam. However, in India, this scooter model is only priced at 80,537 RS (about 23.2 million VND).

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