Honda BeAT 2023 launched: Price from 27.6 million VND

The new version is simply a color update with the presence of many unique color options.

Recently, Astra Honda Motor Indonesia officially introduced the 2023 version of the BeAT 110 scooter model. The new version is simply an update in color without many changes in engine or equipment compared to the previous version. copy Predecessor.

Honda BeAT 2023-CafeAuto-2

Honda BeAT 2023 has 2 version options: Deluxe version and regular version. The BeAT 2023 Deluxe (CBS-ISS) version, characterized by the use of matte paint and a genuine 3D logo, will have 4 different color options. The standard BeAT 2023 version uses glossy paint, with new white stripe patterns. The selling price of BeAT 2023 is 17.28 million rupiah – about 27.6 million VND for the regular version, and the Deluxe version has a selling price of 18.672 million rupiah – about 29 million VND.

Honda BeAT has gone through many changes and upgraded functions. Tnaturally, The design still retains its compact DNA for daily use on the street. The latest generation BeAT 2023 uses the eSAF frame, making the total weight of the vehicle only 89kg, with a seat height of 740mm.

Honda BeAT 2023-CafeAuto-3

The car is equipped with LED headlights, along with a combination analog and LCD clock cluster, providing clear visibility for people use. BeAT 2023 also comes with a front storage compartment with a closing lid and Convenient USB charging port. Car model This vehicle also has a 12-liter trunk under the seat, providing comfortable storage space for itemsi.

Car Still equipped with eSP 110 cc engine, single cylinder, 4 stroke, SOHC, PGM-Fi electronic fuel injection. This engine block Have Maximum capacity of 9 horsepower at 7,600 rpm and maximum torque of 9.3 Nm at 5,500 rpm. For the Deluxe version, BeAT 2023 is also equipped with a temporary engine shutdown system when stopping for more than 3 seconds (ISS)., provides better fuel economy. BeAT 2023’s fuel consumption is 60.6 km/liter of gasoline.

Honda BeAT 2023-CafeAuto-4

Currently, Honda BeAT 110 is also sold by private importers in the Vietnamese market at prices ranging from 36.5 to 36.9 million VND.

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