Ford Ranger Stormtrak launched in Vietnam, price has not been announced but not cheaper than the Wildtrak version

After rumors, Ford Vietnam finally officially brought back the Stormtrak version of the Ford Ranger pickup model and has a higher positioning than the previous Wildtrak version.

Compared to other versions, the front of the Ford Ranger Stormtrak is equipped with additional lights in some locations to improve lighting capabilities. In addition, the bonnet is equipped with the words RANGER in a contrasting color. , new designed grille comes with 20-inch wheels with unique color scheme.


The highlight of the Stormtrak version comes from the smart multi-function rack system that can withstand a dynamic load of 80 kg and a static load of 250 kg, allowing the driver to easily adjust 5 positions with just one hand. This equipment meets all transportation needs, including large items even equivalent to the length of the vehicle such as kayaks and paddleboards, helping users to participate in exciting water sports activities.

ford-ranger-stormtrak-ra-mat-viet-nam-chua-cong-bo-gia-but-not-re-hon-ban-wildtrak ford-ranger-stormtrak-ra-mat-viet-nam-chua-cong-bo-gia-but-not-re-hon-ban-wildtrakford-ranger-stormtrak-ra-mat-viet-nam-chua-cong-bo-gia-but-not-re-hon-ban-wildtrak ford-ranger-stormtrak-ra-mat-viet-nam-chua-cong-bo-gia-but-not-re-hon-ban-wildtrak

The interior space of the Ford Ranger Stormtrak is covered in leather with a black and red color scheme, the words Stormtrak are embroidered on the back of the seat and red decorative stitching on the leather upholstery, combined with chrome-plated panels. The rest is similar to the Wildtrak version.

ford-ranger-stormtrak-ra-mat-viet-nam-chua-cong-bo-gia-but-not-re-hon-ban-wildtrak ford-ranger-stormtrak-ra-mat-viet-nam-chua-cong-bo-gia-but-not-re-hon-ban-wildtrak

In terms of operation, the Ford Ranger Stormtrak is still equipped with a 2.0L Bi-Turbo oil engine with a capacity of 210 horsepower, 500 Nm, comes with a 4-wheel drive system and 10-speed electronic automatic transmission like the Wildtrak or Ranger. Raptor. The vehicle still has driving features to serve different terrains.


In terms of safety, the Ford Ranger Stormtrak still has a series of driving assistance features such as adaptive cruise control (ACC), lane departure warning and lane maintenance assist (LKA), emergency braking when encountering obstacles ( AEB) and blind spot warning combined with cross traffic (BLIS) similar to high-end SUV models.


Currently, the Ford Ranger Stormtrak does not have an official selling price, but it will certainly be somewhat higher than the Wildtrak version which is being proposed at VND 979 million and is expected to receive orders from April 2024, currently some dealers have received orders. Pile this car model in advance.

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