Car purchasing power dropped sharply at the end of the year because many customers abandoned their deposits

This year, many car showrooms are in a situation of “standing still” because sales have dropped sharply, the reason being that many customers canceled deposits and did not continue car buying contracts because bank loan interest rates increased too much. High.

Many people want to borrow high, up to 70 – 80% for the car, but current banks only lend up to a maximum of 55 – 60%. Not to mention, if you want to borrow to buy a car, you also have to buy insurance.

Rising interest rates, narrowing of banks’ credit room, accompanied by complex, outside-of-regulation binding conditions from the bank that are embedded in the contract to be disbursed have made many people consider it. reiterate more about the benefits of buying a car. Many people are discouraged and have decided to stop borrowing and cancel car deposits.

The situation of buyers withdrawing and canceling deposits to buy cars is increasing at the end of the year, causing many car businesses to experience a sharp decline in sales. This is a rare thing that happens during the peak season at the end of the year when Tet is approaching.

The general difficulties of the economy have not seen much improvement, causing financial and monetary policies to be tightened, consumers cannot access loans, causing consumption to shrink, leading to a serious decline in income. The output of goods consumed by production and business units is unavoidable.

Many car manufacturers and dealers are having to sharply increase incentive programs and attractive discounts to stimulate consumer demand, compensate for the decline in customers, and even have to sacrifice part of their profits to rush to run their business. year-end numbers.

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