Car models that are expected to create breakthroughs may launch in 2023

Every year the automobile market has new car models and in Vietnam it is similar when the popular car segment will have new and old names.

In 2022, there will be the presence of many new names creating a surge in sales, and in 2023 there may be new car models to help increase choices for users with different criteria. .

VinFast VF 5

This is a model that will almost certainly be delivered to users in 2023 because the company has allowed users to make early deposits with many different benefits. Not only is it an electric car, VinFast VF 5 is also the first model to explore the A-class SUV segment.

According to the manufacturer, the VinFast VF 5 has overall dimensions of 3,965 x 1,720 x 1,580 mm and a wheelbase of 2,513mm. This size is somewhat small compared to close-range competitors such as KIA Sonet or Toyota Raize. This is also a factor that can lead to success for VinFast VF 5 when users have the mentality of using high chassis models. cheapest price possible.

In addition, this is also considered a replacement model for VinFast Fadil, which has now stopped production. VinFast VF 5 has many color options for interior and exterior. The car is equipped with a 134 horsepower, 135 Nm electric motor driving the front wheels and comes with a 37.23 kWh Lithium battery.

VinFast also said that VF 5 can operate for about 300 km under test conditions and can quickly charge from 0 to 70% in 30 minutes. The car is currently priced at 458 million VND with a battery rental fee of 1.6 million VND or 528 million VND including battery.

Toyota Vios

Faced with quite strong competition from competitors in the same segment and budget, it is obvious that Toyota Vios is about to have a new upgrade. Recently, some dealers have received deposits for the new version of Toyota Vios and is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2023.

In other markets, Toyota Vios is equipped with Daihatsu DNG’s new chassis with a somewhat larger length, width and height with corresponding parameters of 4,425 x 1,740 x 1,480 mm, wheelbase 2,620 mm. In addition, the car also comes with a series of new changes from exterior to interior and new equipment.

The inside of the Toyota Vios 2023 has been completely transformed in a youthful direction with significant upgrades such as a 9-inch floating central screen, 7-inch electronic driving meter, automatic air conditioning, and electronic handbrake. Notably, the new generation Toyota Vios is also equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense safety package.

In terms of operation, Toyota Vios 2023 is equipped with a 1.2L 3NR-VE engine with a capacity of 94 horsepower, 110 Nm combined with a Super CVT-i gearbox and front-wheel drive system. However, it is still unclear that in Vietnam, the new generation still has no highly authentic information.

Mitsubishi XFC

In fact, Mitsubishi XFC is still a Concept version launched in Vietnam, also the first market in the world, the car currently has an expected price of about 700 – 800 million VND. Although there is no information about the commercial version yet, it will probably be delivered from April 2023.

Mitsubishi XFC is positioned in the currently vibrant B-SUV segment with a series of names such as Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Toyota Corolla Cross. Therefore, Mitsubishi XFC gaining market share is not an easy problem. According to the concept, the car has a futuristic design with many sharp, angular lines.

Currently, the interior of the Mitsubishi XFC concept is slightly better than other competitors thanks to equipment such as dual screens, steering wheel, and gear lever with modern design. Of course, this is only a concept version, and the commercial version is still unclear, including detailed operating parameters and equipment of the vehicle.

Honda BR-V

Not only the B-SUV segment but the small MPV market is also vibrant with two outstanding names such as Mitsubishi Xpander and Toyta Veloz along with new recruits such as Hyundai Stargazer, Kia Carens and other car series such as Suzuki XL7, Suzuki Ertiga , Toyota Avanza, maybe in 2023 Honda will also join this game with the name BR-V which was just launched not long ago in Indonesia.

Accordingly, this Honda BR-V belongs to the 2nd generation with dimensions of length, width and height corresponding to parameters 4,490 x 1,780 x 1,685 mm, wheelbase 2,700 mm. The car’s appearance is sturdy and sporty with equipment such as adaptive LED headlights and a large grille.

In addition, the interior space of the Honda BR-V is quite similar to the CR-V with a 7-inch screen placed in the middle, the car is equipped with 7 seats and does not have a 6-seat configuration as per the trend. present potential. In Indonesia, Honda BR-V is also equipped with the Honda Sensing safety package with a series of different driving assistance features.

In terms of operation, the Honda BR-V is equipped with a 1.5L gasoline engine with a capacity of 120 horsepower, 145 Nm combined with a CVT gearbox. This configuration is considered the most powerful in the MPV segment and is somewhat similar to the Honda City model in the Vietnamese market.

Toyota Innova

After launching in Indonesia and India, in Vietnam, some dealers have begun accepting deposits for the new generation Toyota Innova. Accordingly, Toyota Innova is developed based on the new TNGA-C chassis platform, which expands many dimensions with a length, width, height of 4,755 x 1,850 x 1,795 mm and a wheelbase of 2,850 mm.

The new design of Toyota Innova has more of an SUV feel thanks to the expanded grille, connected by the LED headlights/cosms system. The car is equipped with 18-inch wheels combined with LED lights and is completely different from the previous generation.

Not only the exterior but also the interior of the Toyota Innova 2023 also follows the new trend with a floating central screen, new steering wheel, electronic clock that comes with business seat options. In addition, the car also has the Toyota Safety Sense safety package with a series of driver assistance features.

Toyota Innova 2023 has 2 engine options including gasoline engine combined with hybrid or pure gasoline. However, it is unclear which configuration will be brought to Vietnam. The car comes with a CVT continuously variable transmission for the regular version and an e-CVT for the Hybrid version combined with a front-wheel drive system instead of a rear-wheel drive like the old version.

Honda CR-V

Although there is no information about this yet, the test drive in Thailand soon signals that the new generation Honda CR-V will soon arrive in Vietnam. And at the present time, Honda CR-V being sold in Vietnam is also having strong incentives that have reinforced the authenticity of this information.

The new generation of Honda CR-V has dimensions of length, width and height corresponding to parameters 4,5617 x 1,865 x 1,679 mm, wheelbase 2,701 mm. Grandma finds the car more attractive with an expanded grille connecting the LED headlights, and the taillights are also LED but have a new innovative design.

The interior of the Honda CR-V 2023 is also rejuvenated with many similarities to the new generation Honda Civic such as a floating screen, new steering wheel, and low gear lever. It is highly likely that when the new Honda CR-V returns to Vietnam, it will still use the 1.5L turbocharged engine but will improve its performance better.

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