As scheduled, a series of expensive Honda cars increased their prices close to Tet

Close to Tet, the demand to buy cars increases, many Honda dealers push the selling price of SH or SH Mode models significantly higher than the company’s proposed price.

Taking advantage of the increasing demand for cars from users near Tet, many dealers have pushed up the prices of Honda SH and SH Mode models with car prices that are significantly higher than the company’s listed prices, contrary to the practice of most cars. There are many motorbike models with discounts and promotions to stimulate demand near Tet.


Previously, Honda also announced an increase in the proposed price of SH Mode models by 1.05 – 1.17 million VND. Specifically, the standard version increased by 1.05 million VND to 57.69 million VND, the premium version increased by 1.14 million VND to 62.79 million VND, the special version increased by 1.16 million VND to 63.99 million VND and the sports version increased by 1.17 million VND to 64.49 million VND. million dong.

However, that is only the suggested price, the actual price at the stores has a greater difference from 8 to more than 14 million VND. At a standard SH Mode dealer, the price is around 65 million VND, the premium version has an average price of 77 million VND and a special price of more than 78 million VND.

In addition, the high-end scooter model SH 125/160i, just launched a while ago, also encountered the same situation. Specifically, the two versions CBS and ABS of Honda SH 125 have prices ranging from 90 to nearly 100 million VND, a quite large difference compared to the suggested price of 74.79 – 83.99 million VND.


The Honda SH 160i has a fairly high dealer price of up to 135 million VND for the ABS sports version, 130 million VND for the special version, 125 million VND for the premium version and 115 million VND for the standard version. This price differs from 23 to nearly 35 million VND compared to the company’s proposed price of only 91.79 – 101.49 million VND.

The fact that the two models Honda SH Mode and SH have a price difference of several tens of millions of dong is not strange, but has lasted for quite a long time and is almost familiar to Vietnamese users, especially at the end and beginning of the year for the reason that Due to Tet holiday, most buyers accept the above difference. Even Honda SH has almost no promotions taking place.

According to the explanation, Honda SH’s price has increased because the number of cars coming to dealers is not much, often limiting the number while demand is constantly increasing, in some places users have to wait until Tet to be able to receive the car and Prices may also fluctuate in an upward direction.


However, for the Honda SH 350i model, there is a contrary situation when it continuously receives strong incentives even though it is rated much higher than the SH 160i series because having to have an A2 license to be able to drive is a big obstacle for the Honda SH 350i model. this car line. At some Honda SH 350i dealers, the average price is from 130 to 135 million VND.

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