Another Korean car company joined the game with discounts at the beginning of the year, more than 130 million VND for a once scarce SUV model

Previously, this car model had a price difference of more than a hundred million VND, but after Tet, Hyundai SantaFe is seeing a sharp decrease at dealers.

Specifically, dealers are having incentive programs at the beginning of the year for the Hyundai Santa Fe SUV model, whereby the most advanced version of the Hyundai Santa Fe diesel engine has the highest discount of up to 135 million VND. However, this reduction will vary depending on showroom policy, but the average is about more than 100 million VND.


This is considered the strongest price reduction of Hyundai Santa Fe since its launch, but only applies to the high-end diesel version. So with the listed selling price, after the promotion, the selling price is only from 1,235 to 1.27 billion VND depending on the dealer.

With preferential prices from 1,235 to 1.27 billion, Hyundai Santa Fe is cheaper than its compatriot Kia Sorento, the high-end diesel version currently costs 1,349 billion VND and has no incentives included. In addition, it is significantly cheaper than some competitors in the same price range such as the Ford Everest, which has a suggested price of 1,099 to 1,452 billion VND, and the Toyota Fortuner, which is selling from 1,026 to 1,470 billion VND.


In the past, Hyundai Santa Fe once attracted attention when the facelift version had many significant changes and was continuously reflected by the rather high selling price, especially at the end of 2021 and early 2022 when there were high prices. The difference is from 30 to 90 million VND, sometimes it can reach more than 100 million VND. Even many surf cars have a higher selling price than the company’s proposed price, the reason is often said to be a lack of supply leading to limited car deliveries.

Currently, Hyundai Santa Fe has 2 configurations: gasoline engine and diesel engine with 3 versions including standard, special and premium. The differences between versions are mainly appearance, equipment and interior amenities. In addition, the new high-end version has an additional Smart Sense equipment package with driving assistance features when operating.

In particular, the special and premium oil version is chosen by many people thanks to its complete equipment and 2.2L engine with a capacity of 202 horsepower, 441 Nm combined with an 8-speed gearbox and drive system. 4 wheels for the high-end version and front axle for the special version.

According to statistics, in 2022, Hyundai Santa Fe is the car model with the best sales in the segment with 10,603 cars sold, significantly higher than Toyota Fortuner with 7,653 cars and far ahead of Ford Everest and Kia Sorento with high sales figures. 6,969 and 4,379 vehicles respectively.

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