3 models mark Honda’s entry into the electric motorbike playground in Vietnam

At the same time, after the event Yamaha launched NEO’S in Hanoi. Recently, at Honda’s exhibition event in Hanoi, this car company introduced to customers three electric vehicle lines: PCX Electric, U-Be and U-Go, all of which are expected to launch in 2023. .

Honda PCX Electric

Honda PCX Electric is a new electric vehicle line belonging to the PCX collection with a similar design to the PCX 125, PCX 150 and PCX 160. PCX Electric has dimensions of length x width x height: 1,960 x 740 x 1,095 mm, seat height. 760 mm, ground clearance 132 mm and weight 144 kg including battery. The vehicle uses front disc brakes and rear mechanical brakes.

Honda PCX Electric supports 2 batteries with a capacity of 50.4V/20.8 Ah that can be easily removed. The travel distance for 1 battery is 41 km. The battery can be fully charged within 6 hours. Regarding the engine, Honda PCX Electric owns an engine block with nominal capacity of 980W, maximum capacity of 4200W and maximum speed of 67 km/h.

Honda U-Go

Besides, also at the exhibition, Honda Vietnam introduced the small electric car model U-Go to Vietnamese consumers. In particular, the introduced U-Go will have 2 driving modes including Eco/Sport with nominal capacity of 1200W and maximum capacity of 1800W, maximum speed of 53 km/h and IP67 waterproof standard. .

Honda U-Go is equipped with a 48V-30Ah Lithium ion battery system with a capacity of 1.44 kWh. The battery is removable and supports upgrading to 2 batteries so you can reach longer distances. According to Honda’s announcement, U-Go can travel 65 km with 1 battery under the condition that the driver weighs 75 kg and has a speed of 35 km/h.

Honda U-Be

Honda U-Be is an electric vehicle model with a similar design to U-Go but designed with a small capacity, very suitable for students. U-Be is equipped with an engine block with a nominal capacity of 35 0W, maximum speed of 25 km/h, does not support waterproofing and only has 1 driving mode.

The car is equipped with a 48V/24Ah Lithium ion battery with a capacity of 1152 kWh, removable. The vehicle can travel a distance of 80 km with the condition that the driver weighs 75 kg and the speed is 25 km/h.

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