With tax incentives, imported electric vehicles promise to have more accessible prices

If the proposal of the Ministry of Transport is approved, when buying an electric car, Vietnamese people will have almost no cost to carry out rolling procedures.

Recently, the Ministry of Transport (MOT) sent a document to 7 ministries, the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA) and 5 domestic automobile manufacturing and assembling companies to seek opinions. The second time about policies to support conversion to electric cars.

Of these, 7 ministries include: Ministry of Industry and Trade, Finance, Planning and Investment, Construction, Justice, Natural Resources and Environment, Science and Technology. The 5 auto assembly companies include: VinFast, Toyota, Ford, Thaco and TC Motor.

The Ministry of Transport clearly stated that Vietnam’s policy to encourage the use of electric cars only focuses on battery electric vehicles (BEVs) with incentives on special consumption tax and registration fees. The Ministry proposes to add 2 more vehicle lines to the support area, including: electric cars using fuel cells and solar cars.

Most notable is the incentive for electric vehicle users. The Ministry of Transport proposes to exempt or reduce registration fees and license plate registration fees for electric car buyers. In addition, there needs to be price subsidies and access to credit for buyers to shift consumption habits to electric vehicles. Another solution proposed by the management agency is to give people a subsidy when buying electric cars, about 1,000 USD/car.

For domestically produced and assembled electric cars, the Ministry of Transport recommends reviewing and supplementing policies prioritizing the development of electric vehicles, especially public transport, in relevant Laws.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Transport, the number of electric cars produced, assembled and imported has increased 75 times in the last two years. In 2021, there were only 167 vehicles, but by the end of July 12, there were 12,585 electric cars, mainly cars and city buses.

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