Under pressure from the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class was forced to adjust its selling price to boost sales

In the past, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class often had a better price than the BMW 3 Series, but now this advantage is somewhat reversed and the three-pointed star brand has made moves to attract back. user attention.

Back many years ago, in the luxury car segment for beginners, the C-Class versions of Mercedes-Benz were often chosen by the majority of users because of their trendy designs and capabilities. Optimal operation and importantly, the price is somewhat affordable because of the advantage that comes from domestic assembly.


In 2020, users only need 1,399 billion VND to own a Mercedes-Benz C180 and less than 2 billion VND can get their hands on the most advanced C300 AMG version of the C-Class line. This price is considered much easier to “play” than other competitors such as BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 or Volvo S60 because it comes from domestic assembly, not to mention the large number of genuine service workshops. much better.

However, by the end of 2022 and early 2023, the game of this segment gradually changed clearly when suddenly the main competitor, BMW 3 Series, suddenly switched to domestic assembly with a starting price from 1,399 to 1,719 billion. VND and VND 1,499 billion to VND 1,869 billion for the LCI version, the above price does not include other promotional offers from the company and showroom.


Meanwhile, the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class was launched at the end of April 2022 with prices ranging from 1,669 to 2.4 billion VND and is currently priced from 1,709 to 2,199 billion VND. The above price makes many people switch to the C-Class’s rival because it has a more optimal cost even though both cars are assembled domestically.

In addition, the auto market is somewhat quiet due to the impact of the economic recession, and rising bank loan interest rates have also somewhat impacted users’ choices when buying cars, as well as affecting businesses. number of brands.


Faced with that situation, Mercedes-Benz Vietnam (MBV) has also made clear moves to support users such as supporting 50% VAT with a reduction of nearly 76 million VND to more than 100 million VND, combined with the policy of reducing VAT. 50% registration fee from the State.

And to push it further, MBV recently unexpectedly adjusted the selling price of three C-Class versions with the highest reduction of up to 110 million VND and a new starting price from 1,599 billion VND. The new selling price will take effect from September 5, 2023, specifically:

Old suggested price

Reduced price

New proposed price

C 200 Avantgarde

1,709 billion VND

110 million

1,599 billion VND

C 200 Avantgarde Plus

1,914 billion VND

65 million

1,849 billion VND

C 300 AMG Line

2,199 billion VND

100 millions

2,099 billion VND

In addition to adjusting the selling price, Mercedes-Benz Vietnam still retains the 50% VAT incentive and 2% discount for loyal customers for C-Class models until the end of September 2023. Thus, it can be temporarily calculated that after deducting promotions, the selling price of the C-Class will not be too different from its direct competitor, the BMW 3 Series.

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