Too popular, private dealer ‘plays big’ and immediately brings 2 Lexus LX 600s to Vietnam

Despite having an after-tax price of more than 11 billion VND, the two Lexus LX 600 2022 cars are still privately imported to serve Vietnamese giants.

Recently on May 14, a private unit in Hanoi posted pictures and clips of two Lexus LX 600 2022 Just opened the container. This has caught the attention of car dealers and car lovers in Vietnam, because this car model is very “hot” in our country’s market in particular and globally in general.

lexus-lx-600-2022-viet-nam-cafeautovn-1 lexus-lx-600-2022-viet-nam-cafeautovn-2

It is unclear whether these two Lexus LX 600 2022 have owners or not, but it can be certain that in a short time both cars will find a new owner. The reason comes from the fact that the Japanese luxury car brand is cutting production due to a scarcity of semiconductors.

lexus-lx-600-2022-viet-nam-cafeautovn-3 lexus-lx-600-2022-viet-nam-cafeautovn-4

According to some sources, not only in the Vietnamese market but in the international market, to buy a Lexus LX 600 2022, customers must accept buying “beer with peanuts”. While the company sells the highest-end VIP version of the LX 600 for 9.21 billion VND, there is information that the Ultra Luxury version is priced at more than 11 billion VND after tax.

lexus-lx-600-2022-viet-nam-cafeautovn-5 lexus-lx-600-2022-viet-nam-cafeautovn-6

Two 2022 Lexus LX 600s have just been opened in two color tones: black and gray, both belonging to the Ultra Luxury version. The seller also shared that both cars are equipped with “full options”. In terms of design, the LX 600 still has the angular design of the old generation, but is no longer square overall.

lexus-lx-600-2022-viet-nam-cafeautovn-7 lexus-lx-600-2022-viet-nam-cafeautovn-8

The front of the car is a familiar spindle grille with 7 horizontal slats with integrated air vents to increase engine cooling. The headlight cluster is designed to be more slender. The rear of the car has a muscular bumper, with LED light strips extending to the sides.

lexus-lx-600-2022-viet-nam-cafeautovn-9 lexus-lx-600-2022-viet-nam-cafeautovn-10

In the new generation, the Lexus LX 600 uses a completely new chassis system called GA-F similar to its “brother” Toyota Land Cruiser LC 300, helping to improve stiffness by 20% and reduce 200 kg compared to its predecessor. is the LX 570. Dimensions L×W×H are 5,100 × 1,990 × 1,895 mm, wheelbase is 2,850 mm.

lexus-lx-600-2022-viet-nam-cafeautovn-11 lexus-lx-600-2022-viet-nam-cafeautovn-12

The interior of one of the two 2022 Lexus LX 600s that just arrived in Vietnam has the main black color tone, exuding mystery and luxury. The remaining one uses the same Sunflare brown color as the first one arriving in the country. The design of the new generation LX 600 interior compartment is also more modern thanks to the 12.3-inch central entertainment screen and 7-inch digital screen.

lexus-lx-600-2022-viet-nam-cafeautovn-13 lexus-lx-600-2022-viet-nam-cafeautovn-14

The second row of business-style seats with the most advanced features such as massage, foot support, head pillow, etc. Optional entertainment screen in the back row costs 2,489 USD (~ 56.5 million VND). Some details are covered with natural brown wood to stand out more.

lexus-lx-600-2022-viet-nam-cafeautovn-15 lexus-lx-600-2022-viet-nam-cafeautovn-16

Lexus LX 600 is equipped with a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine that produces 409 horsepower and maximum torque of 649 Nm. Power is transmitted to the wheels through a 10-speed automatic transmission, accompanied by off-road assistance features as well as vehicle stability support while operating. At the same time, the company has also refined the adaptive suspension and electronic steering system to bring the sportiest experience possible when combined with the Torsen anti-slip differential.


Lexus also brings to this SUV the new Safety System+ 2.5 safety system with a series of driver assistance features, notably forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, pedestrian and cyclist detection. , emergency steering, active radar cruise control at all speed ranges, lane departure warning with steering assist, smart headlights, traffic signal recognition support…


Photo: Nguyen Duy

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