The wave of Chinese cars “massively” landed in the Vietnamese market in the first half of 2023

In the first half of 2023, many car manufacturers originating from China, including Chery, Wuling, Haima, Haval and Lynk & Co, are present or planning to enter the Vietnamese market.

The auto market is promising to “rise” with a series of Chinese brands launching assembly and distribution projects. Many businesses are also aggressively deploying distribution in Vietnam. Below are Chinese car manufacturers that are already present in Vietnam or are planning to appear.


At the end of 2022, in an online press conference, Chery confirmed its plan to enter the Vietnamese automobile market with Omoda 5 as the first product. Next are Omoda S5, S5 GT and Jaecoo 7.

As the earliest known name for the auto business in Vietnam from 2022, Chery is still not present. The company said that car sales are expected to start in early 2024.


Wuling entered Vietnam by cooperating with a domestic enterprise – TMT Motors – to assemble its most successful car model in terms of sales: Hongguang Mini EV. Before its launch on June 29, the Hongguang Mini EV caused a stir in the Vietnamese auto market because many Vietnamese customers expected a price of less than 200 million VND for this model to help them realize their dream of “cars”. Cheap”.

Wuling only sells one product, the Hongguang Mini EV. TMT said it will assemble other Wuling car models in the future but did not mention specific product names.


Among the wave of Chinese cars entering Vietnam is also called Haima. This company already has a domestic car distribution partner, Carvivu company, whose first product is expected to be the MPV 7X, competing with rivals such as Mitsubishi Xpander, Toyota Veloz…

Haima cars sold in Vietnam will be imported. In addition to the 7X, the Chinese car company’s distributor also plans to bring an electric version of the 7X, the 7X-E, and a C-sized CUV model, the Haima 8S.


In early August, Haval H6 HEV launched to Vietnamese customers, starting the business activities of the car company of Truong Thanh Auto Group (Great Wall Motor) in the domestic market.

Haval only has one showroom in Hanoi and will expand its distribution system in the near future. The H6 model belongs to the C-size CUV segment, imported from Thailand, sold in a single version equipped with a 1.5L hybrid engine with a selling price of 1,096 billion VND.

Lynk & Co

In business from next October, Lynk & Co, a luxury brand belonging to Geely Group (China), provides more options for Vietnamese customers with imported products. Representative of Lynk & Co’s distributor, GreenLynk company, said that it will sell four models 01, 03, 05 and 09 to the Vietnamese market but it is unclear which name will be first.

GreenLynk is a unit of Tasco, a group that owns 100% of SVC Holdings shares in 2022. SVC Holdings is a giant in the auto distribution segment with Toyota and Ford brand car dealerships. While Lynk & Co and Volvo both belong to parent company Geely.

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